Why You Should Switch To Document Digitization And Content Management

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Many organizations in South Florida, West Palm Beach, and in other parts of Florida are switching to document capture and content management everyday. If you have any idea of the benefits they now enjoy, you will make the switch too. May be after going through the advantages of document capture outlined herein, you will also make the cost-saving switch.


It Saves Cost Attached to Print Solutions

Have you really estimated the total amount you spend on print solutions in a year? You probably have more than one print devices and you service them regularly. What about the rims of papers that are consumed by your print solutions in a year? You don’t want shortage of papers to cause a bottleneck in your business process so you buy more papers than necessary.

Without toner, printing is impossible. Even your copier solutions will be useless without toner. And the prices of inks and toners are not getting lower. So, estimate how much you spend on toners for your print and copier solutions in a year. With document capture and content management, your printing needs will be cut down drastically and your company will be on its way towards paperless business process.

Easier Backups

It is not easy to back up physical documents. The only way to back them up is to photocopy each of them and that will lead to the use of more toners and more papers. With digitization of your documents, it will be easier to back them up. In fact, your main server may not be in your office premises.

Paper is a very flammable material so if a wild fire strikes, it may consume all your paper documents completely. This won’t be the case for digital documents especially when you make use of the clouds or remote servers.

It Saves Cost And Improves Productivity

With manual processing, you are likely spending much more money than you will spend on digitized documents. Think about file cabinets. Each of them costs a lot of money and they will continue to increase in number with time.

Apart from the cost of purchasing the cabinets, think about the space they will consume. After about a decade of operation, you will probably set a big room aside for them. What about file retrieval? Imagine how much efforts it will take your employees to retrieve a document stored 7 years ago in a file cabinet. It will be easier and faster in a system that runs on document capture. Oh, what about the issue of a misfiled document? It will take hours, if not days to find a misfiled document because every cabinet will be checked. Do you want to go on like that? Your collective productivity will improve tremendously if all the time wasted in manual processes are put to other official uses.

Accuracy Will Be Improved

There is no doubt, every manual process involves manual data entry and that is prone to human errors. Unfortunately, some errors will cost official man hours to correct and they could also cost you good money too. Why not cut all that off now with document capture and content management?