Why You Should Outsource Your Document Management

While file cabinets are useful for keeping documents, they seem to cost more than they offer. They pose danger and they cost so much money that you should consider a better document management system, or a more cost effective scan support.

According to a statistic from an authority, you must have spent about $25,000 to fill each of your 4 drawer filing cabinets with files and it costs close to $2,000 every year to maintain and secure it. And you know what? The number of documents and cabinets will continue to increase.

It takes some time for an employee to walk to the filing cabinet, retrieve a file, return to his desk to use the file and return it to the cabinet. Every employee spends a total of about 5 hours a week to do this. If an employee earns $20/hour, it means you pay him $100 every week just to retrieve files and return them. Multiply $100 by the number of your employees. That is the staggering amount of money you waste every week.

If you want to view it from productivity perspective, you lose $100 in productivity on each employee every week. Will you continue to lose or get a scan support that will help scan every document into the system so that employees can retrieve scanned copies from the database without leaving their desk?

The total space used to house documents can be put to more valuable and more lucrative use. What if there is a disaster like fire or flood and the copy of a particular document in your filing cabinet is all you have? The document will be lost for good.

Now, here is the dangerous aspect of keeping a lot of filing cabinets. The most frequent injury caused by filing cabinets is smashed fingers from closing a cabinet drawer. Another common one is head injury. When an employee is searching a lower drawer and forgets that the upper drawer is still pulled out. He hits his head as he tries to get up.

Some employees have tripped over lower open lower drawers. On rare occasions, some people have suffered paper cuts too. When you bend over to search a lower drawer for too long, you could pick up a back ache. The worst of all is when a badly positioned cabinet falls on you when you are still squatting down.

You might need to hire a third party print solutions provider that will help you with a more effective document management. The print solutions provider will also take charge of your documents thereby freeing up some space in your office covered by filing cabinets. But before then, here are a few precautions to take.

Never put a heavy item on top of a cabinet. Fill the cabinet from the bottom drawer to the top drawer. Don’t over fill your drawers. When it is full to capacity, move to the next drawer. Hook your cabinet to the wall so they don’t fall down. Always use the handle and if one of your hands is not filled with documents, use both hands to close the drawer so that you won’t forget one of them in the drawer’s way.

Finally, always wait to hear the drawer click shut otherwise it may slide open on and an employee could walk into it.