Why Xerox, Lexmark, And Canon Copiers Are Preferable, If You Want Additional Data Security.

It is very important to have effective security strategy to secure information for your business, as more businesses rely on secured information—increasingly. And if the information need efficient data security, copiers and other devices that are network-connected need to be included—not just computers and networks. It is important to look at all digital devices.

And why you should consider your copiers? It has some serious security issues that need addressing. Some of these issues are:

  • Any device that can be connected to a network is venerable to hackers with malicious intentions. So, you need efficient copier solutions to resolve any security breach. And guess what? Copiers could be connected to a network.
  • We are in the digital age, so copiers use digital technologies. Since they have hard drives, information is usually stored in cache. Hackers could have access to that information, if something is not done to secure the information—copier solutions.

So why are Xerox, Lexmark, and Canon Copiers preferable? Here are some important reasons why.

Lexmark Copiers

To begin with, Xerox, Lexmark, and Canon received BLI PaceSetter Awards in Document Imaging Security. And when it comes to hard drive security, device authentication, and firmware integrity, Lexmark received high scores. Since single-function Lexmark’s laser printers are at par with more advanced multifunction copiers, it is an efficient office copier support in Florida.

And it also includes advanced features like intrusion detection, BIOS integrity, reporting, and firmware integration check at boot-up, and so on. And it is among the top tier 13 OEMs—according to a study.

Canon Copiers

MFP devices are often the weak link in an enterprise’ security chain. With Canon’s imagerunner advance devices, and uniflow solution, you are sure to get the best in device fleet management security solutions and device certifications. Why? You will be getting one of the best in comprehensive authentication schemas in the industry.

Xerox Copiers

If you are in search for the best in device certifications, then think Xerox. There is a good reason for that. Their entire multifunction system has been evaluated. Apparently, that is more than an evaluation that is done on a security kit or on individual features. In application integrity and device firmware category, they scored the highest of any of the major manufacturers (A3-centric). And there are additional very useful functionalities and features provided through a partnership made with McAfee. You can get all this benefits in West Palm Beach.

So you can get better overall information security from your print fleet that will enhance productivity. This is where you get a great office copier support.

These are some of the reasons why Xerox, Lexmark, and Canon Copiers are Preferable, if you want Additional Data Security.