Why Paper Jam Occurs And How To Prevent It



Whether you are running your business from home or you have a rented apartment for your office, you will definitely need copier solutions since there is virtually no office in West Palm Beach and South Florida that does not need copier solutions.

Despite its usefulness, every copier has one big challenge. They encounter paper jams especially when they are either getting old or when they are not well maintained. Even if you have a very reliable provider of office copier support, you will still receive a fair share of paper jam.

Your provider of office copier support should let you know why there is paper jam and how to prevent it. You will place a plain sheet of paper in your copier, push a button and the paper comes out as a copy of the document you photocopied. That way, it seems so easy and simple.

Well, a lot of things happen in your copier before each copy is produced. If you actually see what each sheet of paper navigates through before being printed on, you will wonder how more jams don’t occur. The longer the path a paper passes through the higher the likelihood of getting jammed.

Each paper gets to navigate through several turns in a copier and each turn is a good reason for paper jam. There are several components in a copier that contribute to the production of a copy of a document. Some of these components are gears, assortment of rollers, stripper fingers, air knife, vacuums, and the software that controls the copier. A copy can only get created if every single component is in perfect condition. It only takes one component to pack up for a problem to occur. A paper jam can still occur even if all the components are working fine.

Here is the truth, most times when paper jam occurs, it is usually the fault of the user and not the machine. So, here are a few tips on how to prevent paper jam.

You need to pay attention to the paper quality as a cheaper paper causes more jams. This is because low quality papers absorb moisture faster. To prevent your papers from being humid, you should keep them sealed until when they are needed. You also need to buy only high quality papers that absorb less moisture.

Dust can hinder the performance of your copier so you should clean your copier regularly. In fact, you should clean it at least once in a week. Your copier should also go for regular maintenance check so that it will always give you optimum performance.

Get the right copier that can withstand your business needs. Don’t base your judgment on only low cost. There is a reason one model of copier costs more than another. If you over-use a copier or get a copier that cannot withstand your level of usage, it will break down.