Why Do Copiers Jam And What Can Be Done About It

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The mechanism via which documents are printed or copied is more complex than most people think it is. Of recent, copiers and printers have become better than they were in the past years.

They possess cutting-edge features to allow for better copier solutions and print solutions, and a more enjoyable user experience. Latest copiers and printers are fitted with touchscreen user panel. They are easy to set up, they have apps that can be used to extend their functionality, and they produce fantastic output.

Despite the advancement in latest copiers and printers, the age-long problem of paper jam still exist. This is quite frustrating, as it could delay tasks as well as affect quality of output. There are, however, practical copier solutions and print solutions tips that can be of help in limiting the incident of a paper jam. These tips can only help reduce the case of paper jam, it cannot completely prevent it from happening.

The reason paper jam cannot be completely eliminated is due to the complex series of path paper has to pass during copying or printing. The path is filled with obstacles and potholes, any slip and there will be an incident. In fact, considering the complexity of the paper path, it is a wonder more paper jam doesn’t happen.

In office copiers, the longer the paper path, the lesser the possibility of a jam. Due to the compact nature of the office copier, a paper is forced to make multiple turns in the machine. Each turn is another opportunity for something to happen.

There are so many processes and parts that work together in order to produce a copy or printed document, some of which include an assortment of rollers, air knife, software to control paper traffic, stripper fingers, vacuum etc.

It can be your fault

Sometimes the reason behind the malfunctioning of the copier or printer is not in the complexity of its processes but in the handling of the machine by the user. Any technology that is repeatedly being abused and misused will malfunction or eventually break down.

Below are a few things you can do to minimize the incident of paper jam and to ensure better print and copier solutions;

  1. Be mindful of the quality of paper you use. Low-quality paper encourages jamming. Such paper is more likely to absorb moisture faster, making it swell from the humidity. Therefore, the more humid your office, the more likely you are to have issues of a paper jam. It is advised that you use quality paper and remember to keep the reams closed. Open only when you need it.
  2. Keep your copier as clean as possible.
  3. To prevent paper jam, it is important you carry our proactive maintenance. Keep your copiers and printers well-maintained.
  4. Copiers and printers may not be humans but they also do break down when constantly overused. Therefore, it is utmost importance that you get the right machine that matches your business needs.

In order to get more tips on how to get the most of your printer and copier in Florida, South Florida and West Palm Beach, you can research further online.