What’s The Difference Between Laser And Inkjet Printers?

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Ink printers and laser printers may not seem dissimilar but each comes with its own advantages. Do you really know the difference between laser and inkjet printers?


Let’s take a closer look at the ins and outs of each option….

How Does Each Printer Work?

The document that is being printed must be sent from the computer to the printer. This process is the same for each style of printer. The codes are transferred with the use of Printer Control Language. PostScript is also used alongside of graphic applications.

How Does An Ink Printer Work?

Each ink printer comes with one of two different cartridges. A large cartridge that contains all of the printing colors is used or the printer will come with the four different cartridges. All colors produced by these printers rely on a combination of the four colors already in place. The process tends to be a bit slower because the head that moves across the page does not move quickly.

What Factors Apply To The Ink Printer?

Since ink is a liquid, a number of obstacles can occur during the printing process. The paper needs to be more absorbent. If the paper is too cheap, this can cause the ink to spread out further than expected. The print turns fuzzy and blurring is more likely to take place.

Higher end paper needs to be used. Moisture cannot be applied to the page. This keeps the ink from having a chance to spread. If too much ink is applied to the page, the page will start to curl in on itself. High grade paper is needed.

How Does A Laser Printer Work?

Rollers (also known as drums) are used to print and laser printers also rely on mirrors. The first drum offers a positive static charge and the second drum ensures that the toner particles are added. This allows the toner to be properly transferred to the paper.

At long last, the final roller drum springs into action. The fuser drum applies the necessary pressure to the page. While there are other laser printers that are a bit more complicated, this is a basic description of the laser printing process.

What Factors Apply To The Laser Printer?

The aforementioned fusers get very hot during the printing process. This is especially problematic when envelopes and labels are being printed. The heat may cause unwanted fusions to take place. This is a rare occurrence and the persons responsible for the printing process will want to make sure that the envelopes and labels can be printed with a laser printer.

In reality, the decision will come down to personal preference. Ink is the best choice for those who are more concerned with the image output. Laser printers are the top selection for those who are looking to print out several documents quickly and provide greater efficiency to an office environment.