What’s New In The Copier Industry


The Copier industry witnessed turmoil for the years of 2018-19 but 2020 has different plannings in the store for us. Every brand is geared up and ready to maintain its competitive edge in the industry. Continued digital advancement is the big thing coming ahead in the copier industry. Bigfoots like Samsung, Canon, Kyocera, Toshiba, Xerox, HP, and others will remain competitive this year and are continuously contributing to the modern advancements.

  • Cloud MFPs

Cloud-delivered multi-functional printers are a rapidly progressing advancement in 2020 that will lower the obligations associated with print management. Making a shift from the on-premise to the cloud was important as the task of on-premise management is quite heavy on the pockets. The cloud enables submit the print jobs to a virtual print server. This feature enables the users to connect with their mobile with the help of internet connectivity and copy and share files in various formats. This  progress is now being the key element of the copier industry.

Several big companies have made these advancements like Xerox, and Lexmark.

  • Print Continuation and the Digital Conjunction

The fast-paced adoption of digital and mobile technologies even is unable to eliminate printing all over. Many companies still rely on the print to some degree, the reason would be the persistent need for a physical signature when it comes to documents. This reason is clearing the way for Multi-Functional Print providers to start a proposal of combined paper and digital workflow services.

Xerox here as well has beaten out many and is successfully taking the lead with the help of the ConnectKey platform. If the copier manufacturers start to develop applications that help in connecting the paperwork to digital services, it will result in businesses investing in the use of Smart MFP.

  • Security Concerns

After the cloud, Print is on the second number in terms of safety concerns. Many big companies are still investing in the security of print media and digital as well. The copier manufacturers are expected to widen the security assessments and the monitoring actions after the collaboration with IT security vendors especially targeting the threat intelligence. It’s a challenging job.

  • Energy Efficiency

The advancement in green operations is now adding some innovations in the copier industry as well. Many copiers have now some built-in-functions that reduce the waste in office and helps in cutting the costs of businesses. Copier manufacturers are now incorporating into the prioritization of energy-efficiency and the use of recycled materials to reduce their environmental impact in 2020 and even after it as well.

  • Mergers

The news of Xerox acquiring HP and its merger was all over the copier industry at the start of 2020, but the pandemic has put a brake on this news. Xerox has paused the attempts of a merger after April 2020 as COVID decided to strike.

  • Copiers addressing the pandemic

Companies all over the world work towards addressing the pandemic so how can you expect that the copier industry will remain behind? We are no different and companies like Xerox joined forces with Vortran Medical Technology to help in building and distributing ventilators. To continue their efforts, they even decided to distribute hand sanitizers as well.  Konica Minolta also announced to help the local communities and maintain the businesses during the pandemic. Brother International Corporation announced the distribution of sewing machines that would help in producing PPEs. HP is also trying to create awareness about social distancing and pandemic with the collaboration with 3M.

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