What to Consider When Buying a Copier for your Business?


Whether you are looking to boost the productivity of your employees or want to quadruple your sales, leasing or buying a copier will be your reliable partner. That’s the reason the global sales volume of the copier market increased to 110.4 million units in 2021.

Various types of photocopiers are available in the market, and with a huge variety comes more confusion. So, to safeguard you from ending up with the wrong photocopier that is either expensive or has less efficiency than required, we have listed the top things you should consider before buying a copier. How to buy a copier; let’s discuss this in detail;

6 Things to Consider Before Buying Copier

The output you need from your copier and its energy consumption are the two most prominent factors to consider before buying. However, the selection process doesn’t stop here, and there’s much more you should contemplate before sealing the deal.

Copy or Print Volume

The first important factor in our buying guide is determining your monthly print volume. The print volume refers to the copies or prints of documents you make in a month. Once you know your output needs, you can easily find a copier that has the potential to handle all the load without running out of toner every week.

If you previously owned a copier, you can check the print count on the meter present and divide it by the number of weeks, months, or years you’ve used it. The resulting value is your print volume, so go with the copier that can align with your current or estimated print volume.

Copy Speed

Copy speed is another crucial factor to consider while buying a copy machine. It is generally known as the number of pages or visuals your machine can print in a minute and dramatically affects your overall working speed.

However, this depends upon two things: you need a printer for personal use or your organization. It’s because, for personal use, a copier with 40 ppm (pages per minute) speed is a good option; however, for business organizations, a printer with 60 ppm is ideal. So, before buying copiers, identify your usage type and go with the one that’s the most suitable.

Energy Efficiency

Always go for photocopiers with an energy efficiency logo, as these don’t consume much of your electricity. Such machines have ENERGY STAR®, making it easier for you to identify them. If you overlook this factor while buying a copy machine, you’ll end up with whopping utility bills that can disturb your business capital!

Service Agreement

It may surprise you, but checking and signing the dealer’s service agreement is very important before buying. A service agreement is like a warranty card that ensures the buyer that the company will provide repair services at a very low cost in case of any malfunctioning in the copier. However, before signing the final document, read about the aftersale copier repair charges, as they may vary with the type and cost of your copier.


Of course, having a clear budget before buying a copier is mandatory if you don’t want to get distracted by other fancy copier options. Share your output requirement and budget with the dealer, and he will guide you toward the copiers that can cater to your daily work demands. As mentioned earlier, there’s a huge variety of copiers available in the market, so you will definitely come across the one with all the required features that fall within your budget.

Additional Features

Modern copiers have excellent additional features that can facilitate working beyond printing or copying. We suggest you ask about additional features the copier offers, like automatic stapling, booklet making, etc. This helps you get the maximum output from your copier, utilizing all the tools and features.

Final Thoughts

A copier is everyone’s need which has to deal with excessive paperwork. PCN Copiers can fulfill all your demands by providing customized yet reliable solutions for your copying and printing needs. Whether you’re looking to lease, rent, buy a copier or seek its maintenance, PCN Copiers answers all your queries.

Contact us now to fulfill your copier needs and enjoy a boost in productivity and overall work efficiency!