What Makes The Plan Of A Managed Print Service Successful?

A lot of business owners should know that print costs are one of the highest expense in the office. Some of them also know that using the help of an MPS to outsource the maintenance and management of their printers and copiers helps them to save a lot of cash, and it increases their productivity as well.

Managed Print Services will take care of the copier solutions and print solutions in your company, and you don’t have to spend so much to enjoy this service. Listed below are some benefits you stand to gain when you use an MPS.

  • You will get the latest copier and print technology
  • You will get access to professionals that will guide you through your equipment selection
  • Minimize the time you spend to manage different vendors for leasing and maintenance contracts
  • Your employees can focus on their job rather than spending their time looking for solutions to printers and copiers.

To enjoy all these benefits, then you’ll need a successful MPS. There are some common success factors associated with MPS, and they include the assessment, change management, and access to advanced skills.

The Assessment

Most copier dealers that offer MPS provides a free initial consultation or assessment. They do this to give their clients an insight of what they should expect and an idea of how they can effectively and efficiently improve their copier solutions and print solutions. When you have no idea of what your present situation is, it is difficult to make an accurate plan for the future. Here are two points of emphasis that goes into an assessment.

  1. Inventory of Equipment: A list of every copier and printer for the whole office. The software can be used to collect this data, and the software will be on your network and look for all the devices connected to it.
  2. The Need of End-Users: This will be done through website visits and interviews. What are the needs of users and what’s the setup of the workflow.

Change Management

Communication among employees is vital as MPS rolls out. Change management is a very important part of every office initiative. Involving them in your planning process at the stage of the assessment will help build a plan that will greatly enhance your productivity. One of the major benefits of an MPS is that it gives you better control over your printing.

Access to Advanced Skills and Professionals

The maintenance and repair of copiers is a skill. In a lot of companies, the IT department is responsible for everything that is plugged into a wall, including printers and copiers. A lot of IT professionals are not even good at repairing or troubleshooting copiers. A Managed Print Service will provide you access to professionals that are very good at copier maintenance and repairs.