What Is The Expected Life Span For A Copier?


Office copier support personnel will often ask the titular question and for good reason. Good copier solutions in West Palm Beach are not always easy to come by. When an office spends big on any piece of equipment, they will want to know more about how long it is going to last. A Florida business must make sure that they are selecting the right copier solutions over the short term and the long haul.

There are two ways to view this question:

  1. How often is the device being used?
  2. Is the device still useful to the business?

Once these questions are being asked, the answers are going to differ based on who is being asked. The manufacturer, technician and salesperson must all be considered when office copier support is being discussed. Before their perspectives are considered, what are the factors that are most closely related to a copier’s life span?

Frequency of Usage

Obviously, a copier that is being used on a daily basis is going to burn out faster than one that is not.

Proactive Maintenance

In other words, is the business looking to address certain issues before they become larger problems? A copier that is treated gently and provided with proactive repair is always going to perform better than one that is not.

Refurbished Copier

These copiers come with a lower costs and more risk. They can provide years of support when they are correctly maintained, though.

A Closer Look At Various Perspectives


The average salesperson will let a customer know that their copier should last three to five years. While there are devices that may last longer, they may not meet the company’s needs. This is a sign that the company should consider an upgrade, especially if the copier technology is not fully compatible with their technology.


The technician is the equivalent of a mechanic. They let the client know about the parts that they are going to need to keep the copier running smoothly. In turn, the client will have to weigh these costs against the costs of purchasing new equipment.


Florida business owners could decide that they wish to head straight to the source. Ask to speak with service managers about the specific equipment being used, so that the proper variables are being considered. In many instances, the duty cycle that is recommended is not a conservative estimate.

The client will also need to keep an open mind. Check reviews, so that performance expectations can be monitored. Once it is time to trade the copier in, be sure to ask about wholesale aftermarket programs and recycling. As long as the copier is kept clean, preventive maintenance is handled and overuse is avoided, there is no reason why the copier should not hold up over the long haul.