Unveiling the Real Costs: 5 Key Expenses in Your Print Cost Calculation

  1. Equipment Begin by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your printing equipment. Surprisingly, a staggering 90% of businesses in North America are unaware of the number of devices they possess. It’s crucial not to overlook personal printers, fax machines, industrial or thermal printers, or copiers during this evaluation. Additionally, differentiate between owned, leased, or contracted equipment.
  1. Maintenance and Service Consider your response when a printer malfunctions – typically, a one-time maintenance fee is paid, or there’s an ongoing service contract with the equipment provider.
  1. Supplies Evaluate all consumables utilized by your printing devices, including paper, staples, toner, print media, etc. Review procurement methods for these items.
  1. Employee Burden Rate Attempting to justify attention to print costs? These expenses are sure to capture attention.
  1. Equipment Lifecycle Similar to any other equipment, printers depreciate with use. For owned equipment, verify warranty details to ascertain coverage duration and scope.