Understanding the Different Types of Copiers


Most of the copiers use heat fusion, also called xerography. There are also inkjet copiers that use a jet of ink to make multiple copies of a document. There are a wide variety of copiers available on the market. Therefore, it is of supreme importance to choose a copier wisely. Also, keep in mind your needs from a copier machine. The type of copier you need depends upon the copying volume, quality and other features like bundle-making and stapling. Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of copiers.

1.  Mono Copiers

Also known as the Black and White Copiers, Mono copiers create monochrome photocopies. They are used where color printing is not required such as in offices. They use only one color of toner i.e. black. Mono copiers come in a variety of sizes. High volume copiers are capable of printing around 150 pages in a minute.

2.  Color Copiers

In addition to printing black and white copies, color copiers are able to produce colored copies of the documents and images. These copiers use four different colors of toners. These are cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Therefore, the color copiers are able to produce copies of all the colors on the CMYK spectrum. Thus, these copiers serve a wide range of purposes.

3.  Multi-functional Copiers

Multi-functional copiers perform many other functions like faxing, scanning and printing besides copying. Also, they support wireless networking. They serve more functions like scan to email, scan to USB, etc. Also, multi-functional copiers can do the punching as well as booklet binding operations.

4.  Analog Copiers

Analog copiers form the traditional copying method. They work essentially upon taking a copy of a document. But the networking features as well as other features like scanning, punching, binding, etc. have outdated the use of analog copiers.

5.  Digital Copiers

Digital copiers are much more efficient than their traditional analogues. They have higher paper capacity and perform more functions like scanning and printing rather than just copying.

6.  Desktop Copiers

These copiers are small devices and which can be placed on a desktop. Desktop copiers are ideal for A4 sized paper. But they are extremely basic and multi-functional. Also, desktop copiers may be aligned with additional objects like paper trays. But that makes desktop copiers a floor device.

7.  Network Copiers

Network copiers are capable of remote printing. These can be connected to the office network and printing operations can be performed remotely. The department of information technology of your company has a hold of its functions and can monitor the working of these copiers.

8.  Office Copiers

Office copiers are bulky photocopying machines. These copiers are capable of working at higher speeds and generating higher volumes of the copies. Also, they serve additional purposes like scanning, fax and copying. The more advanced version of office copiers can even do the tasks of punching, stapling and binding. Therefore, these copiers are ideal options for the office.

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