Tips On How To Save Cost And Increase Productivity In Your Office

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The most used item in a corporate environment is document, whether in paper form or in digital form. In fact, it is more of paper form. This is why printing and copying of documents are collectively the third biggest business expense. Any company that cuts down on printing and copying will be saving a lot of money. Apart from their cost, printing and copying also reduce productivity as about 40 to 60 percent of IT help desk calls are print-related. Remember, print-related issues are not the core responsibilities of IT professionals.

Here are great tips on saving cost and increasing productivity in any office

  1. Automate your business process

Most repetitive tasks can be handled by a simple software or application. For instance, filing invoices and processing claims involve the same processes. This can be automated. You can also make use of office copier support that can initiate the automation.

In case you are not yet aware, there are copier solutions that have the ability to route files to the right folders. Instead of having your employees scan documents to general folders and manually place the documents in the appropriate folder, you can make use of the new technology driven copier solutions.

  1. You can scan your documents to the Cloud

For everyone to have access to certain documents, they can be scanned to the Cloud. Virtually all new copiers can handle that. It is even one of the major responsibilities of third party office copier support. Your documents can be scanned to Microsoft Office 365, Google Drive and even Dropbox. The documents can be accessed directly from the copier console. It saves, time, efforts and cost.

  1. Remote solution

Another reason to seek third party copier solutions is remote troubleshooting. When any equipment is down, it can be troubleshot and fixed remotely without any IT person coming over. This is express service. It saves a lot of time that would have been wasted while waiting for the IT personnel.

  1. Faster supplier

Your printers and copiers can be programmed to alert you when your toner is running low. This is very important as copiers and printers usually run out of toner when they are needed most.

  1. Limit color printing

Due to the fact that color toners and inks are more expensive than black, you need to restrict access to color printing. If not, people will use it to print documents that are okay in black just because they have access to color printing.

  1. Print on both sides

To cut down on the use of paper, your print server should be set up to print on both sides of paper.

  1. Adopt pull printing

Adopting pull printing to ensure no document is left in printer trays. Besides, it also cuts down on waste.

In conclusion, application of these hacks will save time and cost and it will also increase productivity.