This Is How To Use In-House Production Printers To Reduce Printing Costs


Many small-scale business owners in Florida think that marketing strategies cost an arm and a leg. This is a notion that has limited a number of businesses from expanding. In as much as it is advisable to engage the services of a top-notch digital marketing agency in West Palm Beach, South Florida, for your business marketing services, there are some marketing documents that you can print in-house that will help you to reduce your marketing costs, although they may require a print/scan support.

Some of the marketing documents that can aid your print solutions include:

Letterhead and envelopes

Apart from having a website, having a logo for your business is another marketing strategy. With logo design, you have a business identity. And with your logo, you can start using letterhead and branded envelopes for business purposes or activities. This strategy helps to engrave your brand in your customers’ minds, thus, creating a good impression of your business. Thankfully, letterhead and envelopes can be printed in-house providing print solutions and/or print support to your business. What this means is that by printing your business letterhead and envelopes, you will be saving the money that should have been paid to a printer or printing company.

Business cards

Almost everyone knows what a business card is. This is because of the purpose it serves. A business card is a small card that you give to people in order to tell them about the type of business you do. A business card may be small but it goes a long way in supporting business growth.

Presentation Folders and Company Brochures

A lot of small-scale business owners in West Palm Beach and Florida as a whole think that they do not need presentation folders or a brochure. The moment you design a logo and create an identity for your business, you are already on the right path to business growth and development. This is where the presentation folders and a company brochure come in. They are useful in showcasing your company’s products or services to potential customers.


Catalogs can be kept for reference purposes. It is easier and faster to look up a catalog for all your products than visiting the website. Guess what, it is possible to print them within your organization, which is a more cost-effective option.


Regular printing of newsletters can help to create more awareness about your business, thus, increasing your customer base. Besides, this action helps to keep customers up-to-date. In addition, it is a good idea for your print solutions.

Product data sheets

This is a single sheet indicating the breakdown features of your products, their benefits, and specs at a glance. It is a good marketing tool that can and should be printed in-house.

Thank You cards

Yes, you can print “thank you” cards if you need to keep your customers. You can never underestimate the power of a thank you.

Finally, it has been seen that there are a few marketing documents that play a huge role in business growth and development and which can be cost-effectively produced with your in-house production printer. Nonetheless, you may need a good print/scan support system in order to achieve top-quality production.