Things You didn’t Know About Copiers


The most common thing found in every office is a copier. Used for an array of purposes, copiers have a unique importance for every small or big business. But how much do you know about copiers? Here is a list of things you may not know about copiers.

  • The invention of the copier

The invention of the copier was done by Chester Carlson in 1938. But what drove him to do so? Carlson’s day to day tasks involved rewriting legal documents using his hand. Carlson’s job gave him terrible pain. This led to the invention of copiers. Initially, big companies rejected the use of such a machine saying what is a need for something which can copy when there is a carbon paper for that purpose. At last Battelle Memorial Institute supported Chester in researching the technology.

  • Cost tracking

Well during the copying process, the paper isn’t the only thing that costs money. The cartridge also costs a lot of money. As it becomes a little difficult to keep track of the money spent on paper and cartridge, modern machines come equipped with features that enable you to measure the amount spent upon the printing process. Also, this helps you to maximize the efficiency of the costs spent on buying the resources. Most importantly, it helps you to cut the costs in future and gain maximum profits by increasing the efficiency of your business.

  • What about copying money using a copier?

Modern copiers have a feature of identifying a pattern which comes embedded in the currency. Therefore, when a copier is used to copy money, it marks all the copies. Hence, the copy of the money turns out to be waste. This presents you the fact that even a modern copier cannot be used to set up your own money-making factory. So it’s better to stay away from this intimidating idea.

  • The need for serious Security

Studies show that 60% of the discarded hard drives still contain precious data. So it’s always wise to erase all the sensitive information from any device without actually dumping it. Because unsafe disposal may lead to some serious security issues and misuse of information.

  • Creating booklets

The latest generations of machines offer advantages like document finishers. In addition, copiers can turn a document into a booklet. This finds a great utility in creating welcome booklets.

  • Hole punch and staple

With copiers, you don’t need to hire people to punch holes and staple documents. Copiers are always there to rescue and help ease you out the tasks. Also, it improves the efficiency of your working systems. In addition, copiers provide you with a faster and reliable solution giving a more professional touch to the documents.

  • Integrate with mobile and other services

As the world is advancing towards saving the environment, reducing the use of paper is one of the targeted ways to achieve that. Modern-day copiers interact with mobile networks to receive and send documents without having the need for extra effort to generate soft copies from hard copies. Now, the copier integrates directly with the mobiles and allows you to print images and documents using your phone.

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