The Place of Copiers in your Business


The technology needs of today’s business world are evolving by the day and changing the way business is conducted. Copiers have not been left behind in this technology boom. The
copier has been a permanent fixture in the office since its invention in the 20th century. The functions of the copier have evolved over the years from just creating copies of papers to performing more complex tasks such as scanning and faxing.

Emerging Features in Copier Technology

Copiers have changed to incorporate various fundamental features in an ever-changing business environment. The invention of multi-function copiers has led to copiers that can harness the power of the internet and technology.

Multi-function copiers have made it easy to save space and financial resources and made maintenance of the all-in-one office appliance much easier. Some of the major advances that
copiers have undergone in the last few decades are;

• Auto-sorting documents – Modern copiers can sort documents in the order they were printed to reduce the burden of sorting printed documents.
• Auto-duplexing – Modern printers can also print on both sides simultaneously, saving on both time and paper.
• Auto-sizing – For businesses that deal with different paper sizes, copiers have made it easy to print these papers by accepting blank sheets of varying sizes and automatically
determining the printing size required for a certain document.
• Stapler and hole-punch features – The modern copier can staple together or punch holes in documents after printing them.
• Wireless printing – Copier machines can make copies and print wirelessly and over the internet, even through mobile phones.

What to Look For in a New Copier

Whether you are looking to replace your old copier that has given you a long life of service or just need another copier to reduce on the workload at your office, there are several factors you should consider. Some of the major considerations include;

a. Volume of Printing
Consider the expected coper volume and the needs of your business. If your business makes a lot of copies per day, you might consider a high-efficiency copier that can print hundreds of copies in a minute. You can use a slower copier for a lower printing volume.

b. Printing Speed
For businesses that handle a lot of copy traffic, speed is of very high essence. Consider finding a copier that can make the most efficient number of copies in a given period.

c. Multifunctionality
You should also consider a copier that offers the most functionality at the most affordable price. A good copier should not only make copies but also be able to scan, print, copy, email, and fax documents.

d. Brand
Another big factor you should consider is the brand. Various brands produce copies of different quality and also offer different security measures. Find a brand you can trust of look for trusted reviews on the internet through blogs and forums such as Reddit and Quora to get honest feedback on the best brands you can get.

e. After-Sales Service and Warranty
A copier is bound to experience some problems after a period of use. Ensure that your copier has a warranty in case of a critical failure or an after-sales service policy, so you have consistent service even after purchasing the copier.

f. Cybersecurity Threats
With increasing hacks and cyberattacks, copiers have also become very vulnerable to such attacks. If your business handles sensitive information, it is important to find a copier than
encrypts data, especially data sent over the internet.

Copier Maintenance

For your copier to have a long life and serve your business for a satisfactory period of time, it is important to exercise various care and maintenance practices. These include;

• Keeping your copier clean.
• Using quality products (paper, toner/ink, spares, etc.)
• Keeping it safe from dust and debris.