The Methods Of Creating Special Files For Staff Medical Details

The storage of documents is very important for any organization. The format you choose depends on how you categories the information of the personnel in the organization. In that respect, special consideration must be given to the medical information of employees in an organization. This information transcends from the bio-data of the staff to their medical history. The medical details must be kept in a separate file. This would ensure that individuals who do not have any business knowing the medical details of staff do not go through the medical files.

On that notion, it becomes paramount to highlight what these medical details involve. It is worthy to note that this information is not that entrenched in the Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) but that in the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). The information includes:

  1. Past medical challenges
  2. Results from any fitness exercise
  3. Exposure to occupational hazard
  4. Reasons for previous medical leave
  5. History of family health issues

With the sort of details to be contained in the medical file, the style to be used to save the documents is dependent on the firm’s choice. Whether traditionally or electronically, the firm must take note of the cost and space the files will occupy. Obviously, the electronic choice would occupy less space, compared to the traditional method of storing documents.

In Florida, you can either make use of file cabinets or office copier support to store your documents traditionally. The spaces that it would occupy must be measured accurately. At times, you can rent an entire room as cabinet space. This means spending an extra amount of money to keep the documents traditionally. When you make use of less space as a file cabinet, and there would be more office space to carry out other office duties. Using a 42cm height cabinet ensures that more documents will gain entrance into it, and it serves a long lasting purpose for the firm.

With the choice of the traditional method of storing documents, the files must be under a lock with the key safely kept from public use. The documents are not just important but confidential. For that reason, they must be handled as it is important.

Considering that the traditional method of storing data consumes time, space and financial resources, the electronic method becomes the best choice. It is ideal to store documents electronically. It saves you the space that would ordinarily be used for other office purposes. It saves time because documents would be typed into the computer system with ease. It does not require any paper work. It is also cost-effective in the sense that less manpower will be needed. This can double the company’s savings over time.