The Importance Of The Corona Wire In Print And Copier Solutions

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One tool that is common in all offices in Florida is print and copier solutions and that is why big companies usually have office copier support and print support team. However, not all small and medium enterprises are financially buoyant enough to hire an officer copier support team. Most of them manage their print and copier solutions themselves.

Anyone who uses any copier or printing device must know about the corona wire. It is the fine wire that is responsible for the quality of the output of your copier. In fact, it is responsible for the photocopy process. Without the wire, your copier won’t work.

It is usually found within the drum unit. It holds both negative and positive electric charge and it passes the charge on to the paper during a photocopy process. It is the charge that makes the toner or ink to get melted on the paper and it is the same reason they stick on to the paper.

New users and casual observers will definitely find the process and its entire technology quite interesting. However, the condition of the corona wire will determine the quality of your printout. If it is dirty or faulty, the quality of your printout will drop tremendously.

One common indication that the wire is of a faulty is the appearance of annoying streaks on your printout. When it gets worse, the printout may be totally blank or totally black. When this happens, you should check your corona wire. It could be dirty or defective.

Depending on the size and complexity of your copier, its corona wire may be easy to reach or not. For simple devices, it can be easy to reach the corona wire. If your device is large and complex, you need a Florida based expert to handle the corona wire to avoid damaging some components in the bid to reach the wire.

If the problem still persists after cleaning the wire, you may need to replace it completely. Whether your device is a small one or not, if cleaning the corona wire does not solve the problem, you need to call an expert to inspect the wire and other components. It has gone beyond your capacity. Before calling the experts, there are a couple things you can do.

You need to first confirm that the problem is not from the toner debris. To do that, you should clean the roller with a piece of soft cloth. The second thing to do is to also inspect your glass paten and document feeder to be sure that there are no smudges. Then, you can place a service call.

In conclusion, according to some print solution experts in Florida, you don’t have to wait until there is a fault before you service your copier. Servicing it regularly will generally extend its lifespan.