Six Mysterious Printing Expenses That Can Kill Your Bottom Line

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Regardless of how small computer screens have become over the years, there is still the need to print and copy documents in the old fashion way. The document could be an invoice, a brochure, customer notification etc. Either way, there is a need to manage your print resources effectively.

A lot of times, many companies pay too much for their print solutions and copier solutions. This comes in the form of too much ink, toner, printers or copiers. And in some cases, they buy wrong paper or low-quality printers or copiers that tend to require constant maintenance. These expenses don’t include the hidden cost of time and energy spent, not to mention that aggravation that it brings up.

Rather than wasting so much time and resources on your print and copier solutions, you can hire a managed print services. Known for short as MPS, Managed Print Services describes services provided by the external provider to manage and optimize a company’s document output. In simple words, they ensure that your printing and copying activities are proceeding as they should and that there is no waste of resources.

In MPS, billing is based on print volume. Clients pay for each page printed or copied. The bill is slightly higher if it is color. Maintenance fee is included in the leasing contract, this helps to simplify billing.

Oftentimes people ask why they need MPS, there are two reasons for that;

  1. It helps to save money
  2. It helps to save time

If you are still wondering what benefit MPS can do for your business in Florida, South Florida or West Palm Beach, then you need to read on to find out six ways managed print services saves you money;

  1. Supply inventories:

In a lot of cases, businesses order extra cartridges or toner than they would never need. In some cases the machines become obsolete while the supplies are still left unused. A Managed Print Service can help you streamline your supply inventories, ensuring that you order only what you need.

  1. Toner theft:

When your business makes the unguided error of ordering too much supplies, this may present temptation for some employees. Thousands of dollars are lost each year, no thanks to printer cartridge theft. Also, there is the issue of toner pirates, who make unsolicited calls and offer mouth-watering deals on toner or office equipment. MPS helps to save your business from all of these.

  1. Repairs:

Printers and copiers are machines, and like all machines, they can break down. Usually, when this happens businesses tend to call the IT department for office copier support. This will end up distracting them from important IT issues. And in most cases, they will discover the fault is mechanical and requires the services of a third party. These repairs often result in unplanned expenses. Managed print services help to prevent the need for most repairs as they carry out preventive maintenance.

  1. User support:

It is common for end users to have questions about their printers, and when they do, they usually call the IT department for office copier support. Such calls often act as a distraction for the IT personnel not to mention the fact that they may not have the expertise to answer the questions.

  1. Hardware:

A lot of times, employees opt for cheap printers in an attempt to save the company money. But what they don’t know is, the lower the cost of a printer, the higher the cost of its operations. You will end up buying more overtime by buying cheap printer or copier.

  1. Lost productivity:

Several hours of productivity are lost each year from broken or slow printers. Slow printers often cause people to wait long hours for the documents.