Questions to Ask Before Buying a Copier


It is very easy to fall in the trap of buying a copier may not necessarily fit your business needs. Therefore, it is very important to know the things that you should consider asking before buying a copier. Asking questions decreases the risk of many problems concerned with the product. Also, it makes you look confident about knowing what you really need. Here we have listed down ten questions that you must not forget to ask before buying a copier.

  1. Does the copier support wireless printing?

With the advancement in the field of technology, many companies have dedicated apps that can be downloaded to enable wireless printing. Be sure to check all the available features and options and choose according to your needs.

     2. What are the standard features that don’t require an upgrade?

Make sure to check out the standard specifications and upgrade options that are often mentioned at the back of the product. When in doubt, ask as many questions as you want to.

    3. What are the upgrades that I should consider for my business productivity?

Before buying a copier, explain the working and requirements of your office, the types of jobs in the company and the future movements of your company. It is a valuable source for the dealer to explain how you can increase the productivity of your business.

    4. Does the copier support color printing?

If there is a chance that you may need printing in color, take a look at your options and take into account the increased expenses that come with it.

    5. What are the other purchasing options offered by the company?

Some companies offer leasing options in addition to buying options. So, if your company is aiming to spread the costs over the long-term , it’s better to go with the leasing option. But decide only after weighing the limitations and benefits of buying vs leasing.

    6. Are there any features coming in the newer versions that are worth the wait?

It’s important to ask about the copier’s longevity. Just like everything else in the world, copiers will eventually need to be upgraded with newer updates and better features. Sometimes it is worth the wait to get better deals. So, be sure to ask about the newer versions coming up.

    7. How much does the toner cost?

If you need higher copy volumes, then the cost of toner is very crucial to be considered.

    8. Can the copier staple and make bundles?

Many copiers these days come with additional features of stapling and making booklets. It reduces human effort and also increases efficiency. Therefore, don’t forget to ask the dealer about these features.

    9. Where can I get technical support?

Copiers are complicated in construction and sensitive to misuse. Check with the dealer to know the customer services available locally.

  10. How many copies can I make?

It is of extreme importance to know the copying capacity of a copier. Using a copier for higher volumes can result in an early breakdown.

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