The Vast Majority Of Companies Are Mismanaging Their Information


The consequences of information mismanagement []
are numerous. Did you know that at least 83 percent of businesses will readily admit to their own information mismanagement? A whopping 83 percent of businesses [] are currently mismanaging information and this revelation should be startling to many.

Copier and print services must reflect the environment that has been created. A South Florida business that does not choose the right copier solutions and printer/scan support is putting themselves behind the proverbial eight ball in this regard.

Copier/Printer Services:Companies Are Mismanaging Their Information

Do The Following Printer/Scan Support Questions Sound Familiar?

Important files being stored inside of filing cabinets that employees are forced to sift through?

Employees forced to look through multiple locations before they are able to find what they need?

Finding it impossible to communicate with workers and send files when they are working from remote locations?

Does your company rely on paper and wonder about the effectiveness of cloud storage?

Automated workflows still not being used?

If so, your business probably falls into the aforementioned 83 percent. Information mobility is a key aspect of any successful business and this is something that needs to be remembered at all times. If information cannot move easily between locations, a business is limiting themselves from a long term standpoint. Achieving potential goals becomes far more challenging.

How Can Your Business Avoid These Concerns?

It all starts by implementing the proper technology. However, this step is not enough by itself. There are additional steps that need to be taken. The best technologies are on hand and ready to assist your business. A wide range of key business technologies have been designed to answer all of the questions that were asked above and allow companies to achieve their desired objectives.

Print/scan support for the employees’ mobile devices is a great start. From there, there are numerous technologies that can be added to the equation. Whether you are looking for enterprise content management software, enterprise search technology or intelligent capture, it is not about remaining on the cutting edge.

It is about reducing the reliance on paper and moving forward. The strategies that are implemented are bigger than one individual’s concerns or any singular development that is taking place. These strategies need to be synchronized across the entire business for best success. Getting the entire team onto the same page is crucial to success.

In order to remove your business from the dreaded 83 percent, the right solutions are needed. A business must process, analyze and store information in the correct manner if they wish to avoid the typical pitfalls. The business that prizes information mobility and creates an ecosystem where information can move with ease is a business that is built to last.