One Secret Of Very Productive Organizations – They Outsource Tasks Others Can Do Better

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Imagine this unfortunate scenario – you want to print a proposal that you need at a sales meeting, then the printer gives you an error message and your IT staff don’t have any idea on how to resolve the issue. Now you need to go out and look for where to print your proposal at the risk of being late for the sales meeting with your customer.

Meanwhile, your rival, who has a better print service partner providing them with better print solutions and copier solutions, is in no hurry and will arrive early without stress to their presentation with the same customer.

After getting back to the office {discouraged and sad because you were late for the meeting and it was cut short, and your competitor arrived early and did his/her presentation) you find out that the printer is still not functioning.

The inability to have a functioning copier could be very dangerous for any process or business that depends on printed communications, such as customer invoices, board presentations, marketing materials that need to be printed, scanned or copied, HIPAA compliances, and many more. Here’s what you need to know, your copiers and printers are crucial to the productivity of your business, you don’t have to be the one to manage them. You can outsource it to someone that can do it better in order to get improved print solutions and copier solutions.

Super productive companies focus more on what they do and outsource business functions outside their scope to people that can do it better. You don’t maintain your car or do your plumbing repairs, do you? So why stress yourself with your copier when there are experts who can do it better, faster, and even at a lower cost.

Why Are You Still In Charge Of Your Copiers?

Even for an organization with a good IT staff, it still makes a whole lot of sense to outsource your copier’s management to a print services partner. Copiers are very complicated, as they comprise of hundreds of moving parts and complicated software. So sharing your business time managing a copier could even cost you more than outsourcing the task, as you can invest that time into more productive things in your business which could bring you more money.

In addition, you don’t have the skill required to maintain a copier, so you are just going to waste so much time achieving nothing. It takes continues training to keep service technicians up to speed. With the numerous tasks at the desk of your IT staff, such as supporting users, backup, patch management, planning for the future, network security, and many more – it is not possible for them to keep up with the latest in troubleshooting, maintaining, and repairing copiers.