Office Equipment Lease Return: A Handy Guide


Leases are not always easy to navigate. They are typically designed with the idea of keeping you under contract forever. However, these Florida leases do come with the advantages that you cannot always receive from a different company. Deciding to get out of an office equipment lease is easier said than done, though.

These six step plan is designed to provide further insight. Read on to learn more about how to get out of your lease…

  1. Write a Letter

This is the best way to start the process. Be sure to send the letter within the correct time frame. If the letter is not sent in the proper time frame, the company is going to consider it too late. They may even consider it too early. The letter of cancellation must be sent in a timely fashion. Otherwise, a South Florida is left on the hook for copier solutions and print solutions that have already been paid off long ago.

  1. Request Buyout Info

No lease ends without a final payment that is designed to satisfy the terms of the agreement. Take the time to speak with the account representative to find out more. Once the client has gained this information, they can proceed accordingly. Be prepared to ask for this information more than once. A sales representative who works on commission is not always going to be willing to provide it.

  1. Give Buyout Info To The New Partner

The new partner is going to need the information when a new service provider is chosen. In some instances, the new partner will have a program that the client can join to get out of their old lease.

  1. Obtain The Necessary Return Authorization

The lease provider has to provide the proper return authorization before the office equipment can be sent back. An e-mail or letter is sent to the client, providing the necessary instructions for the return. The equipment cannot be moved without permission. This is standard issue language in the leases for copier solutions and print solutions.

  1. Ensure That The Office Equipment Is Still In Working Order

It is important to remember that this equipment has been leased. It cannot be returned to the original provider if it is not in working order. Any issues that are currently taking place must be addressed. If there are minor blemishes, this is not a major issue. The lease holder must also make sure that they have enough time to send the equipment back before they receive new products from a different provider.

  1. Installation and Removal

The new provider is able to work with the client in this regard. Work alongside the new provider and schedule the necessary dates with them. A West Palm Beach service provider can also work with a freight company. This ensures that the equipment is sent back in a timely manner, while remaining fully secure.