Never Focus Entirely On Price When Buying A Copier



Everyone loves it when they get a great service or product for a good price. This often gives a thrill. Many people may not be aware of this, but there is a relationship between cost and value. This doesn’t mean that the highest cost equals the best value, product or service. Neither does it mean that the lowest cost equals the best value, too.

But there are a couple of definitions for cheap that are less than encouraging. Cheap can be described as inexpensive. But cheap could also mean “shoddy, low-grade, poor quality, substandard or inferior”. A less encouraging synonym for cheap includes miserly, tightfisted or stingy. And worst still, cheap could be used in place of “immoral, despicable, unprincipled and contemptible.

The most economical proposals are not oftentimes the cheapest. There are a wide range of customers and each differs from the others by what he/she values most. For some customers, they place more value on service delivered, some are more focused on the advice supplied them, and yet some appreciate quality service and equipment which is delivered to them at a slightly higher price. While yet there are some customers whose key focus is on price. They are constantly on the lookout for companies that can deliver the service or product to them at the least price.

Essentially, they want their copiers and printers at the lowest price possible. Often times, these businesses complain of being on the lookout for the bottom line. If paying attention to bottom line result in paying the cheapest price available for any product or service, then you are certainly paying attention to the bottom line.

In some cases, the least expensive service or product is the best one. But mostly, using the least expensive plumber, mechanic or contractor often leads to regret over the quality of service delivered. This is a classic case of pennywise pound foolish.

Cheap can be detrimental to a business’s bottom line, particularly as it relates to copier solutions or print solutions. You may get a short-term thrill from obtaining such a “wonderful deal” but when the time for service comes, such wonderful deal could turn really quickly into a nightmare.

Copiers gotten from those “too-good-to-be-true” offers often break down repeatedly. This is simply because they aren’t the right copier for that particular business need.

A deal that looks too good to be true is often times not true. It is important to follow due diligence when buying or leasing a copier, entering an agreement with a managed print service or giving out a maintenance contract for copier solutions or print solutions. A wrong equipment can lead to a decrease in productivity and lead to greater repair and maintenance. All of these without the necessary support levels that your equipment needs to be fully functional.

A wrong equipment will lead to long downtime, frequent repairs and incite frustration in users. The focus of any business is to find the best equipment that can deliver quality value at the fairest price.

When you are in need of legitimate copier solutions and print solutions in Florida, do not put too much attention on price.