Why Outsourcing Your Printing Needs Will Reduce Your Printing Costs

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A lot of companies in Florida do not think it is necessary to keep tabs on their printing costs but they have no idea how much they are losing annually. The best time to outsource your print solutions is now. This article outlines some of the reasons to outsource your print solutions.

Third party print/scan support helps you save cost

If you keep running out of toner or your printer keeps breaking down, it is costly. A lot of man hours will be wasted by your employees looking for printing alternatives. At the same time, it is also costly to buy more than enough toner or install more than the required number of printers.

Going for a third party print/scan support will help you pay for exactly what you used. That way, there won’t be shortage of print resources and neither will there be surplus. In other words, you will save a lot of time and cost. You could save as much as 3% to 15% of your annual revenues [https://www.officeproductnews.net/blog/why-managed-print-services-are-so-important].

It prevents unauthorized access to your print solution

If you handle your printers yourself, chances are high that some of your employees are already abusing the privilege. Human beings will always be human beings. It is not uncommon for employees to print personal documents with official printers. So, you may have been paying for the personal documents your employees print.

This is why you need to restrict access to your printers. The best way to do this is to opt for managed print services.

Managed print services helps you concentrate on your core business

Do you know how much time your employees waste on troubleshooting faulty equipment? Do you know how much time and efforts go into inventory monitoring? Outsourcing your print needs[https://biztechmagazine.com/article/2012/04/benefits-using-managed-print-services] is the only way to free up all the time so that everyone can stay on their primary assignments.

Handling other tasks apart from your primary tasks is a distraction. They lead to a drop in productivity and most importantly, reduced bottom line.

It saves paper

When you don’t restrict the access to your printers, apart from using up toner faster and more pressure on your printers, you will also buy more rims of papers. It is not likely that your employees will bring their plain sheets of papers from home. They will rather use your papers to print their personal documents.

Managed print services will also control access to sheets of papers. You may not even have access to plain sheets. It may be the responsibility of the service provider to load the printer with plain sheets of papers.

In conclusion, third party print support can help you reduce your cost of printing by up to 30%. You may not know how much time and money you have been wasting until you outsource your printing tasks.