Understanding The Relativity Of Managed Print And Savings In The Workplace

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It is easy to identify hidden printing costs as some of the major forces affecting revenue growth in the workplace while performing a business assessment task. As a matter of fact, these factors can adversely impact any business growth as they could severe up to 5 percent of its yearly profits. In sectors where large documentation is required (such as education, healthcare, and law), these losses could get worse especially when adequate print/scan support is not provided.

How to avoid these losses

Managed Print Services: Relativity Of Managed Print And Savings

Saving money on printing costs goes beyond managing budget and cutting costs . One good way to effectively achieve measurable savings on this is by working hand-in-hand with an experienced managed print company to provide efficient print/scan support. Here is how companies can achieve significant savings through this.

Identify those hidden forces

When it comes to managing printing costs, not every business can achieve the desired savings amount due to the hidden forces involved. Undoubtedly, the source of hidden costs must be uncovered to bring about the right print solutions. This is where the role of managed print companies comes in. Basically, they will look toward identifying the cause of the leaking cash.

As part of efforts to evaluate the current situation, certain factors like equipment redundancy and other print-related inefficiencies will be analyzed. The data obtained will be useful in helping to create more structured, efficient, and cost-effective print solutions for the business organization .

Implement the Plan

When it comes to establishing proper managed print savings, there is no need to delay once the source of hidden costs has been uncovered. At this point, it is important to consider implementing the plan. It is expedient that businesses adopted best practices to enable them to deliver fast and effective results. These include optimizing print-centric workflows, duplexing, avoiding nonessential printing, limiting color, and printing in draft modes.

Simplify the process

Aside from the IT personnel, there is hardly any employee that is interested in dealing with equipment issues and managing print supplies. However, this pain points can be seamlessly eliminated when proper managed print savings solutions are provided. With these, the stress of finding who manages the business supplies and the device becomes a thing of the past. Aside from helping to manage copier and printer issues, these systems can also take up the role of generating toner shipments automatically. Interestingly, this can go a long way in helping to make more time available for IT and admin staff to perform other reasonable activities.

Accurate reporting

Employees will no longer need to fend for themselves when an efficient MPS (managed printing service) strategy is established in the workplace. In a bid to meet the specific needs of the staff, managed print companies focus on rendering continuous supervision, tracking and reporting services at all times.