Managed Print Services for Healthcare Organizations


As more organizations recognize the value of managed print services (MPS), the market is expanding rapidly. This growth is especially significant for healthcare organizations, where the elimination of risks and efficiency gains are critical.

This guide covers everything you need to know about MPS and what to look for in a provider.

What is MPS?

Managed Print Services (MPS) involve outsourcing the management of printing devices to reduce waste, save time, increase productivity, and cut costs. A reliable MPS provider can save clients up to 30% on printing expenses.

Unlike local dealers tied to specific brands, MPS providers manage various devices from multiple manufacturers, focusing on delivering excellent service and recommending the best devices for your needs.

What Does MPS Include?

While services can vary, MPS providers typically offer:

  • Initial Print Assessment: Identify existing printers, usage patterns, and areas for reducing waste.
  • Strategic Alignment: Ensure the print strategy supports your long-term goals.
  • Ongoing Print Analytics: Continuous monitoring and analysis of print usage.
  • Waste Reduction: Implement tools and policies to minimize waste.
  • Security Enhancements: Protect sensitive documents with advanced security measures.
  • Supply Monitoring and Ordering: Automate supply orders to ensure uninterrupted operations.
  • Support and Training: Provide help desk support and train employees.
  • Maintenance and Repairs: Regular upkeep and prompt troubleshooting.

Additional Print Security Services for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations require enhanced print security to comply with regulations and protect sensitive data. MPS providers offer:

  • Dedicated Print Security Teams
  • Unique Secure Passwords
  • Data Overwrite and Clearing
  • Complimentary Security Assessments
  • Detailed Security Reports

Benefits of Managed Print Services

A recent survey revealed that healthcare executives often pass costs from poor budgeting to patients. Reducing overhead, increasing productivity, and automating administrative tasks are essential for cost management. MPS can help by:

  • Preventing Disruptions: Protect patient care from cyberattacks through robust security measures.
  • Minimizing Printing Disruptions: Proactive monitoring and maintenance prevent equipment failures.
  • Freeing Up IT Staff: Allow IT teams to focus on critical projects by outsourcing print management.
  • Enhancing Equipment Performance: Regular maintenance ensures better and longer-lasting performance.
  • Automating Supply Orders: Prevent fraud and save time with automatic supply orders.
  • Access to Expertise: Benefit from certified technicians and expert support.

Why Healthcare Organizations are Ideal for MPS

Healthcare settings with complex print environments and additional security needs benefit greatly from MPS. Many healthcare organizations struggle to manage their print environments due to limited resources and time, often prioritizing patient care over print security. However, disruptions in print environments can adversely affect patient care.

A Cautionary Tale

A hospital ignored recommendations to upgrade its print security and fell victim to a ransomware attack, causing significant disruptions to patient care. This example highlights the importance of secure print management.

Top Tips for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare IT teams are often overwhelmed. An excellent MPS provider can alleviate this burden while ensuring compliance with regulations like HIPAA. Key factors to consider in an MPS provider include:

  • Proven Track Record
  • Automated and Transparent Billing
  • Advanced Software and Security Measures
  • Comprehensive Support and Training

Are Managed Print Services Worth It?

Unmanaged printing can account for 1–3% of an organization’s revenue. MPS providers can reduce these costs through policy updates, print tracking, waste elimination, and more.

Green Flags with MPS Providers

Look for providers that offer:

  • Customized Billing
  • Advanced Print Software
  • Automated Ticket Workflows
  • Proactive Security Conversations
  • Manufacturer Agnostic Services

Red Flags with MPS Providers

Be cautious of providers that:

  • Lack IT Expertise
  • Have Poor Track Records
  • Offer Inconsistent Support
  • Push Specific Brands Over Optimal Solutions

Why Choose PCN Copiers for Managed Print Solutions?

PCN Copiers stands out with:

  • Strategic Partnerships: Working with top manufacturers like Canon, Kyocera, and HP.
  • Comprehensive Security: SOC Type 2 reports and dedicated print security teams.
  • Expert Support: Certified technicians and robust inventory for emergencies.
  • Long-Term Commitment: Proven reliability and competitive pricing through GPO contracts.

Discover how PCN Copiers can help your healthcare organization thrive by contacting our experts.