Making The Switch To A Paperless Office In 7 Simple Steps


Paperless offices have received a great deal of buzz from a financial standpoint. However, the benefits of a paperless office go well beyond the financial aspects. Copier solutions and print solutions that utilize a great deal of paper are not helpful to the environment either.

Helping the environment is great but helping your business is even better. So how can a company make the change from the usual copier solutions and print solutions? Let’s take a closer look at these seven steps and how they can help a company get started:

  1. Developing a Greater Understanding

The best businesses are already aware of one key principle: paper is only going to slow them down. Paper causes needless congestion that serves to bring various processes to a grinding halt. Paperless offices do not suffer through the same sort of issues. Document management makes life much easier.

  1. Use The Copier Wisely

Copier solutions allow businesses to begin the process of digitizing their documents as quickly as possible. By scanning documents with the copier, they are shared more easily. No specialized software is needed, either. The benefits are tremendous.

  1. Create Printing Rules and Enforce Them

Print documents use a sizable amount of paper and they are not even used in most instances. Offices that are looking to go paperless will want to make rules that are truly enforced. Don’t allow employees to print in color and keep them from routing their jobs to the office printers. Track each job, so that the necessary improvements can be made.

  1. Increased Education

A business must do all of the necessary research when it comes to their paperless plans. Increased education is key. Online magazines and vendors can offer additional insights. Independent professional organizations will also let their clients know how to manage their information in the most efficient manner possible.

  1. Study The Experiences of Others

The best offices tend to learn from the experiences of others in this regard. If there is an implementation partner present, be sure to ask for plenty of references. Those who are not working with an implementation partner will want to make sure that they are taking a closer look at the available resources on LinkedIn.

  1. Take a Closer Look At All Processes

Does the office have stacks of paper in the recyclable tray? Can customer information be found easily? Are office staffers spending a great deal of time searching for documents? The answers to these questions will go a long way toward determining the steps to come.

  1. Speak To The Experts

Once all of the aforementioned steps have been taken, it is time to speak to the professionals. They will offer the insights that take an office to the next level. Print assessment is a necessary step that must be taken before an office can become fully paperless.