Is Your Printing Infrastructure Secure?


Printer security vulnerabilities often evade detection until it’s too late.

Many individuals and businesses remain oblivious to the lurking security threats associated with their printers, leaving them vulnerable to potential breaches.

In this article, we shed light on prevalent printer security vulnerabilities, the often-overlooked risks posed by printers, and offer actionable tips to shield yourself from these threats.

The Reality of the Risks

A while back, CyberNews commandeered nearly 28,000 unguarded printers worldwide, coercing them to print out a printer security guide. Targeting 50,000 devices, they achieved a 56% success rate. Extrapolating from this, it’s estimated that out of 800,000 internet-connected printers globally, at least 447,000 remain unsecured.

Just imagine stumbling upon one of these guides on your printer tray one ordinary Tuesday – what would you make of it? How would your IT team respond? Such breaches often catalyze a surge in demands for printer security within organizations.

Fortunately, the intent behind this printer breach wasn’t malevolent. It served as a stark warning. The hackers aimed to spotlight the pervasive lack of printer management, highlighting the network security risks to organizations unaware of the dangers.

Uncovering Printer Security Vulnerabilities Some common vulnerabilities include:

  1. Outdated Firmware and Software
  2. Default Passwords
  3. Lack of Encryption
  4. Open Ports
  5. Lack of User Authentication

Hidden Risks You Might Overlook Beyond the obvious vulnerabilities, other risks lurk:

  1. Print Queues
  2. Hard Drive Data
  3. IoT Exploitation
  4. Printer Cache

Securing Your Printing Infrastructure To bolster printer security:

  1. Regular Firmware Updates: Stay current with updates to plug security gaps.
  2. Strong Passwords: Ditch default credentials for unique, robust passwords.
  3. Secure Your Printer Networks: Encrypt print jobs and fortify network configurations.
  4. Implement Secure Print Release: Require authentication before printing sensitive documents.
  5. Strengthen Your Network: Utilize Secure/Follow-Me-Printing technologies like uniFLOW and PaperCut.

Don’t Overlook Printer Security

Printer security is an integral facet of overall cybersecurity that often flies under the radar. Understanding the risks and implementing proactive measures is crucial in safeguarding sensitive data.

Stay vigilant, fortify your printing infrastructure, and shield your data from potential breaches. Your security depends on it.