Improve Productivity and Keep Your Work Flowing


Keeping work flowing is key to your success.   Whether workflow means the steps to complete a project with your team or the routines that are part of your daily activities, there’s always the potential for roadblocks that can stop progress or forward momentum. But help is on the way, and with a simple review of your current processes plus a few techniques to improve efficiencies, streamlined workflows can be a productivity booster.

What’s Your Biggest Workflow Obstacle?
Regardless of the activities that fill your day, everyone experiences interruptions in flow. A project or deal may be going smoothly one day and then derail or come to a screeching halt the next. By identifying what, how and where your roadblocks occur, you’re halfway to solving the snag and putting productivity back on the front burner.

Tips To Take Productivity Up a Notch
A more efficient workflow nets greater productivity. The first rule of flow is to focus your business product or service on the user and their needs. How can you optimize your customer’s experience? Having a clear idea of that can improve the processes you put in place to achieve it.

• Analyze the Details — Map out your current processes — both
technical and human — to see where paths overlap. Sticky notes   on a
whiteboard can be a big help here.

• Organize the Process — Eliminate unnecessary steps and re-evaluate
the number of touches a process receives — the less hands-on the better.

• Support Employees with the Right Tools — Encourage and
support your team by supplying them with the right information and
the technology they need to use it. Recognize when it’s time to use
resources to update to more innovative technologies and services.

• Consider Automation — Reduce the possibility of error and free-up
valuable time by leveraging the power of advanced technology.
The Xerox® Phaser® 6600 and Xerox® WorkCentre® 6605 offer
time-saving productivity advantages and features designed for
total simplicity.

Mobility Makes Your Work Move
Did you know that 70% of the world will own a smartphone by the year 2020?  Imagine the possibilities of a business that can meet the changing needs of a device-driven market. Now consider what being more mobile can mean to you. Mobile technology means you can be in touch from anywhere, saving time and eliminating wasteful processes.

• Increase Communication— New mobile technologies, such as certain
CRM software applications, offer access to live data and real-time
collaboration that can enhance business relationships and save costs.

• Accelerate Print Times From Anywhere at Any Time
Apple® AirPrint™ lets you print email, photos and important office
documents directly from your Apple iPhone® or iPad® with no drivers
to install and no cables to connect. With AirPrint, your iPhone or iPad
automatically locates and connects to the AirPrint-enabled Xerox®
devices over your office Wi-Fi network.

• Scan On-the-Go to Cloud-Based Repositories — Improve workflow
and be productive wherever you are by adding Xerox® Scan to PC
Desktop. Cloud-based sources include DropBox and GoogleDocs.
Use Xerox® Mobile Link, your smartphone and Xerox® ConnectKey®
technology to scan with the help of apps like JotNot, Qipit and
ScanBizCards, ideal for business cards, receipts, articles, coupons,
and more.

Are You Ready to Go Mobile?
So now that you know the power of mobility to save time, keep you connected and enhance workflow, it’s time to take stock of your ability to go mobile. There’s more to it than being able to support email, texts and mobile phones; there are business plan and infrastructure considerations to make like evaluating your current systems and network
to see if they need upgrading.

• How to Make the Most of Mobility — How would your customers
best benefit from mobility? Is it a question of accessibility or the
speed with which you can return a quote? Do you have what it takes
to support their needs from anywhere at any time? The benefits of
mobility are there for you and your business. By focusing on your
needs — and those of your customers — you can take the steps to
make it work for you.


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