How User Printing Habits Affect Printing Cost


You may not consider how expensive printing can be especially when you do not print in large quantities. If you are an individual who would print five papers per day, you do not have to pay much as compared to persons or organizations that print thousands of pages daily. When each member of staff prints several copies in a day and this continues for weeks, into months, you will realize that your organization spends a great amount on printing alone. However, there are many ways organizations can minimizing this attitude to save printing paper and reduce costs on the other hand.

Imagine situations where you have to print in color instead of the usual black and white. That would amount to more cost. With cases being cited, it is becoming more evident that printing is more expensive as the days go by. If you are to reduce the cost of printing in your organization, you need to consider the number of persons who, like you, need to do the printing. This is especially important when you rely on colored printing since it is usually more expensive. Multiplying the number of persons by the total number of printing done regularly would help you know how much you are spending on printing.

Outlined below are the ways we can minimize the cost of printing in time organization:

Reduce Documents

Delete every document that isn’t important and doesn’t need to be printed. Also, use fewer words to describe in written documents. Some words can be done without. No matter how interesting the explanation is, if its elimination does not affect the importance of the document, it should be deleted.

  1. Summarize

Students are taught to use summary as a topic in the English Language. Summary allows you to trim explanations without losing the main point of that passage. Likewise, in printing, the method of summary can also be adopted. Any information that can be adjusted into smaller words should be adjusted to minimize space and save cost in printing.

  1. Encourage Your Employees to Make Use Of PDF files

Using PDF files to save documents will make the documents safely reserved for future purposes. It will also enable easy retrieval when needed. This will ensure that costs are minimized when compared to printing large pages of a document.

  1. Create Awareness

For organizations that depend on printing documents regularly, awareness should be created in the work place. It would ensure that only relevant materials are printed.

  1. Make Use Of Dual Settings

While printing on paper, ensure that you print on both ends of the paper. This will ensure that the paper contains more space and cost is reduced a great deal.

  1. Use Less Ink

Use writing formats that do not require much ink. Some fonts do not use too much ink. Make sure you use more of those fonts instead of fonts that consume much ink.

  1. Laser Printer Option

Using a laser printer means that you will consume less ink and it is also faster as compared to inkjet.

The attitude of your staff towards printing will significantly influence the cost of printing.