How To Go Green And Impact Your Bottom Line (And The Environment!)

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Businesses have now come to realize that going green will not negatively impact their bottom line. In fact, going green is often highly beneficial to a business’ bottom line. Copier solutions and print solutions play a major role in these instances. By taking the time to read through the following steps and make the necessary changes to copier solutions/print solutions, a business is able to take that all important next step!

  1. Conserve Energy When Possible

ENERGY STAR devices are a key aspect of this equation. Energy Save and Quick Start will reduce the amount of warm up time that is necessary and keep devices from burning power in an unnecessary manner.

  1. Print Discerningly

In other words: don’t print for the mere sake of doing so. Duplex printing, document previews and image combination nodes are crucial tools. Utilize print management tools when you are unsure of what print activity is currently taking place. This is a great way to improve overall efficiency.

  1. Utilize a Recycling Program

Whether you are already in the habit of recycling on your own or you are taking the time to meet with an office equipment partner, a recycling program is essential. This is not a step that can be skipped under any circumstances.

  1. Digital Workflows

Convert and scan paper as needed. Digital workflows allow for conversion, so that documents can be read and sent without any difficulties. This allows the company to save money and paper simultaneously. Best of all, the documents will also become more easily searchable.

  1. Put an End To Current Printer Acquisitions

Once the company has been able to identify a managed partner for their printing services, there is no longer a need for new equipment. A managed print strategy is what keeps a company from having to continuously spend on new equipment. This allows them to dedicate funding to other areas of the company.

  1. Thorough Printing Discovery Processes

By taking the time to discover a print environment, a business is able to go green and create a wide range of benefits in the process. Identify all of the hidden print costs and necessary print applications. Print usage and print devices must be discovered as well.

  1. Managed Print Strategies

Consolidation of print responsibilities, management of print expenses, deployment of print strategies and outsourcing of all fleet management are all important. The more visibility that an organization has when it comes to device activity, the easier it becomes to go green. This also reduces printing related costs.

  1. Optimization of Assets

Once the proper tools are in place, an organization can come together with a reputable technological partner. From there, fleet deployment is optimized and workflow is streamlined. In addition to these benefits, the carbon footprint is going to be minimized and the costs that are associated with ownership are also reduced significantly.