How Smart Printing Can Help Save Cost In The Workplace

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copier-and-printer-sales-and-supportEvery year by year, businesses spend huge sums of money on printing their own documents with waste taking a significant chunk of the total cost. Unfortunately, many of these businesses still adopt this practice without taking time to consider how much they stand to gain when waste is effectively controlled to the barest minimum.

While obtaining your own copier and printing your own documents can be said to be highly cost-effective, it is, however, important to know that without the right office copier support, you stand to be even more wasteful in printing which can cut into your bottom line. To this end, it is expedient for enterprises in South Florida to consider saving cost by adopting smart printing methods.

First and foremost, businesses need to consider how efficient the product (copier) they are buying is particularly when it comes to managing waste and saving cost. A copier that often results in an overflowing bin of waste after use is not cost-effective. Research has shown that the average office worker uses about 10,000 sheets of paper yearly with about half wasted – mostly unused.

Also, it has been revealed that it takes an average cost of 5 cents to perform a non-colored document printing on a laser printer. With this data, it is then obvious that a waste of 5000 sheets of copy will result in a yearly loss of $250 per average office worker in South Florida.

However, it is good to know that many businesses in Florida have already started adopting a strategic office copier support in a bid to effectively manage printing cost and eliminate waste. No doubt, any office manager can easily avoid the cost of non-essential printing by implementing the strategic PaperCut technique.

This is a form of smart printing that does not only help to proffer helpful copier solutions but also salvage the cost of printing waste. A recent report has shown that adopting PaperCut can effectively help to provide significant monetary and environmental savings for any business when properly implemented.

One of the biggest causes of waste in printing is the common practice of getting print jobs unreleased. It is often very common to find people sending jobs to print and never picking them up at the printer even after they might have been printed. In the end, they get stacked up or just thrown away. What a waste!

Some people even forget they printed a job previously and wouldn’t even try to verify but would still send them again for printing. Business owners in South Florida need to ensure that they provide the right copier solutions such as adopting pull printing methods and authenticating their employees (workers) to get the print job released at the printer. Without these, it will be difficult to get a job printed in a cost-effective manner.