How Intelligent Print Solutions Can Help It Departments

The advancement in technology has seen a certain drop in the use of hard copy materials. But generally the use of printers, copiers, scanners and other devices are still not extinct. The target of every IT department may be to run a paperless service. But before you get there you need to be able to manage printing, because it is still in use. Printing costs money and if not properly managed will cost more. So there are several print solutions that can help you, one of which is intelligent printing.

Intelligent printing has benefits and it’s benefits include:

1) Helps you become more productive: Intelligent printing will ensure that printers will print appropriately while the copiers will do their work. It would not require you to call on the IT department. It will work well on their own

2) Saves cost: It reduces the amount of money spent on getting new printers or paying for print services. It reduces your printing budget.

3) Saves time for IT department: Intelligent printing does not require so much attention from the IT department. This helps them have more time on their hands to do what they were employed to do rather than waste time handling printing problems.

Intelligence printing as a print solution, can be set up by the IT department. There are basic things the IT department need to do in order to ensure intelligent printing. The first step is to find out how many printers you have. Then from there you take note of the different brands, how many users per printer, and how much work your users print. When you know these parameters, it would be easy for you to manage your printing. There are other things the IT department have to do to make work easy for them, it includes:

Don’t buy cheap printers: Cheap printer save cost. But on long term basis they are quiet expensive to manage. To save yourself the stress of always replacing parts in the system. It is better you get a standard printer rather than go for a cheap one that will require constant service.

Troubleshoot from your system: You can set up an interface on your computer system that enables you to troubleshoot the printer from a distance. This way you will not have to go to the printer every time it has an issue. But even if you do have to go, you would know exactly what is wrong before going.

Include printers in your security system

You can outsource the management of your printers to a print service company. This reduces the stress on the IT department.

The use of paper will constantly reduce because of advancement in technology. But before it goes extinct you would need to manage your printing. This means that you need print solutions such as intelligent printing. It saves your IT department a lot of time.