How Businesses Can Save Money Controlling Printing And Copying Cost



Virtually all businesses require printing services. But it is sad to know the many companies in South Florida have no idea of their actual printing costs. For most businesses, the cost of printing and copying is put as the third largest expense after paying staff and settling that of office space. What many people don’t know is that these expenses can kill their bottom line.

Every business desires efficient print solutions and wouldn’t want to settle for less. However, it is good to know that you can achieve this (full efficiency) at a low cost. As a business owner, it’s in your power to decide whether to control your printing and output costs or ignore them. Apart from helping to improve your business investments, your ability to control these costs can provide you with much value as possible.

Importance of controlling print costs

According to a recent research, it was revealed that businesses lose 50 percent of printed documents yearly without even making use of them. This is a ridiculous waste that wouldn’t be accepted in other areas of their business. This alone emphasizes the need for controlling print costs. But here are two more important reasons to consider.


As earlier mentioned, businesses are recommended to consider controlling prints costs due to the high cost of wastage involved in printing documents. Depending on the existing copier solutions, an average office employee in a company is estimated to print about 10,000 pages yearly. But it is sad to know that know that a good number of these materials (about 50%) are wasted.

Now consider an organization with 50 employees, that’s to say about 500,000 pages are thrown away each year. If the average cost of each page is put at 5 cents and about 250,000 documents were not utilized then it is estimated that the company runs a loss of about $12,500 yearly.


At one time or the other, companies will always need to print confidential information such as payroll information, corporate strategy documents, student files, patient information, etc. But anyone can gain access to this information irrespective of the existing copier solutions particularly when it sits on the copier output tray for long. This can lead to a huge embarrassment for the company. One way to beef up security to confidential information is by enforcing a print strategy.

How to control prints

It all begins with the use of software. Businesses need to take charge of their print output. There are various tools that can be used to track who is printing and the number of documents that are being printed. This can also be achieved by enforcing print policies. As part of your print solutions, you can apply print rules so as to be able to effectively guide and control printing.