How Azure Blob Can Reduce Document Storage Costs

One of the main features that is touted when it comes to Azure Blob storage [] is its ability to scale along with the business. While many business document-cloud-storagehave their own copier solutions and print solutions already in place, Azure Blob offers the sort of content management that allows a company to significantly reduce their document storage costs.

When Azure Blob storage is used, companies are able to store three different types of data []. Blob storage is used for files, data storage is handled with the Table Storage feature and messages can be stored away inside of the Queue Storage folder.

Reducing Copier Solutions and Print Solutions Costs

This is one of the primary benefits to using Azure Blob from a storage standpoint. Instead of dedicating a significant portion of yearly revenue to costs of this nature, a business is able to fold all of their services into one. In order to learn more about best practices and how they can reduce your company’s document storage costs, be sure to read on….

How Are Costs Lowered?

Licensing, hardware and hosting typically must be paid for upfront. Azure Blob removes these costs from the equation entirely. Instead of being forced to spend money upfront, a user is only asked to pay for the storage that they are actually utilizing. There are also no cumbersome servers that need to be maintained.

Some organizations are asked to follow certain mandates for document archival. While the files may not need to be accessed immediately, they need to remain accessible for a specific period of time. These cool storage costs allow you to avoid the hot storage costs that are usually associated with the archival of documents.


Those who are looking to get the most out of capture and content management solutions will benefit greatly from Azure Blob. Businesses who rely on these solutions can eliminate the time consuming data entry aspect of their workflow. The data is scanned, captured and sent directly to Azure Blob without any additional difficulties.

Content management needs to be as effective and time efficient as possible. Even companies that use SharePoint and Office 365 in tandem can benefit. The integration process is made easy and companies are able to avoid all of the costs that are associated with on site server maintenance as well.


Any organization worth its salt is going to have to take the time to consider their security measures and Azure Blob is already several steps ahead of the game. No compromises are made. Businesses that use Azure Blob are given the most secure solutions. Data encryption is also included so that clients are given the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are constantly protected.