Here Are Some Reasons You Spend More Than Necessary On Print/Copier Solutions

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Many companies in South Florida and West Palm Beach have realized that they spend too much on both copier and print solutions but they have no idea on how to cut down the cost. A lot of companies have merged their print solutions with their copier solutions but that didn’t yield the desired results.printer-and-copier-services

This article outlines several reasons organizations spend more than necessary on their print and copier solutions. Some of them may apply to you.

Some companies cannot really reduce the volume of photocopies that they do because of certain regulations in their industry. For instance, you may need to make more than 5 copies of certain documents and submit them to 5 different places for approval. You can’t possibly reduce the amount of photocopies done in such industry.

Some companies do not even have plans to go green and the ones that have such plans are yet to take it seriously. The plans are yet to get off the ground in most organizations. The staff in some companies do not have access to information while not in their offices, so they will rather go home with hard copies of the required documents.

Some companies do not always carry their IT team along on their cost cutting quest. In fact, some CEOs believe that having excess papers and toner is better than not having enough so they buy things in excess. They simply do not understand that both excess and inadequacies are counterproductive.

Some companies do not see anything wrong in letting staff print from their personal mobile devices like tablets and phones. People will always take liberty for license. Allowing staff to print from their mobile devices will let them waste your toner to print personal stuff all the time.

It is not uncommon for some companies to have multiple third party IT supports when they can hire a single team for all their IT needs. Some organizations have high volumes of charge back copies, scans, and prints but have not thought of reducing the volumes in any way.

Instead of making use of centralized printers and copiers, a whole lot of organizations in Florida still believes in installation of a printer and copier each for every unit so that staff would not have to queue on the centralized printers and copiers. They may have their reasons but the question is, is the amount of time being saved commensurate to the additional amount of funds expended on the purchase and maintenance of all the devices? May be not.

It has not even occurred to many managers to calculate how much paper and toner they spend in a year. This is very important as you may find the figures outrageous. When you find out how much you spend on reams of paper, you will understand why it is necessary for you to cut your printing cost as much as possible

In conclusion, some of the points above should guide you towards cutting down your printing costs as they will point to where most of your resources go.