Getting The Most Out Of Print Drivers: A Helpful Guide

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Print solutions that do not cause more problems than they solve can be hard to come by. The same goes for print/scan support. The modern office will benefit immensely once these issues have been assessed and corrected. The print drivers can cause even the top print solutions to experience difficulty.

Print/scan support does not have to be so challenging, either. This guide to Xerox and HP printer tabs will offer all of the necessary insights!

HP Print Drivers

Advanced Menu Tab

This is where page orders can be changed, advanced coloration options are set up and the number of copies is decided upon. To save a bundle on color costs, choose the Print All Text in black option. Alternative Letterhead Mode is also a common printing order for those who are looking to avoid unnecessary waste.

Printing Shortcuts Tab

This menu should be easy enough to use. Those who wish to enhance their printing experience should move to the tab’s left side. The user can now save their preferences that they utilize most regularly, saving loads of time in the process. This tab’s right side allows the printer to use both sides of the page as well.

Quality/Paper Tab

The print quality is changed here. The 4,800 pixels setting is recommended in most instances. Those who wish to enhance their gloss level may decide to choose from one of the available options.

Effects Tab

Those who are looking to scale their document can do so with the usage of this tab. If you need to add watermarks to the document, this tab is your chance to do just that.

Finishing Tab

The most used settings are saved in this tab, making the process simpler. Additional options are provided, so that a greater level of control is offered.

Output Tab

Does the copier have built in hole punching or stapling? This is your chance to select where you want these holes to be located.

Job Storage Tab

This tab offers access to jobs that are regularly handled by the printer. The document is saved in the hard drive and is printed from the memory of the copier.

Color Tab

These settings should not be changed unless the company in question is looking to enhance their marketing. The printer setting is then changed to match the setting of the document.

Services Tab

This is where the product manuals and troubleshooting tips are located.

Xerox Print Drivers

There are fewer tabs but the options remain powerful.

Printing Options

This tab holds all of the primary settings that are going to be needed. The changes are saved for easier selection in the future as well.

Image Options

Use this tab as a means to convert to black and white. This lets the company save money and toner.

Document Options

If multiple document pages need to be printed, this is the best option to choose from.

Advanced Tab

In order to print fonts correctly, extra software must be downloaded. The offset is also changed here, so that each job is picked up in an individual manner or the entire stack can be printed simultaneously.

Thanks to this guide, it has never been easier for a business to get the most of their copier and print solutions. Reduce the stress when it comes time to print!