Four Ways Data Breach Can Occur Via Unsecured Printer Or Copier


Wolves are known to be one of the best hunters of the wild. So it is apt to use them as a metaphor for hackers. An unsecured office equipment; a copier or printer, is exposed to tremendous risk by hackers. It is like metaphorically walking alone in the woods. Wolves also, just like hackers, do not go after the strong (secured), rather they seek out the weak and exploit them.

Why should anyone be bothered about office security in regards to copiers and printers? Because leaving them unsecured could lead you to lose very vital business information or you could be held ransom by unscrupulous elements. Either way, you end up at the mercy of the hacker.

Year after year, the amount of compromised data is steadily on the increase. Just last year alone, over 4 billion data records were hacked into. There is a raising concern in West Palm Beach, South Florida, over the incident of compromised documents.

Below are four ways by which a data breach can occur via unsecured printer or copier;

  1. Unclaimed output:

If a confidential document is left unclaimed in the output tray, this could constitute a major security breach. The document could be as sensitive as payroll of staff or as private as a sick notice. It could also be a letter of reprimand or dismissal. Either way, these documents are too confidential to risk getting into the wrong hands. Anyone passing could just pick it up and use it for whatever purpose.

Follow Me printing is a very reliable print solution that ensures sensitive documents are not left unclaimed and do not risk getting into the wrong hands. After sending the documents to the printer, PaperCut FM requires users to sign in with their username and password for the document(s) to be released.

  1. Copier Hard Drive:

The hard drive of your copier, if not properly secured, can be the source of a leak that could be damaging to your business. This is because copiers cache images of prints, scans, and copies. Information from these documents could be used nefariously by cyber criminals.

  1. Unauthorized access:

If printers and copiers are not secured, there could be an alteration in print jobs or it could be rerouted. Sensitive documents could be downloaded by hackers thereby giving them access to user access credentials. To prevent this, it is necessary to adopt very effective print and copier solutions that can help secure important documents.

  1. Network security risk:

According to a Quocirca report on printing security, documents sent to Multi Function Printers typically wait in queue on the server. At this point, it is unprotected. Hackers can pause the printing queue, make copies of sensitive documents and restart the queue. All of these without the knowledge of the user.

Also, in extreme cases, malwares can be placed on the device. Open Network Ports also allow Multi Function Printers to be hacked remotely with the use of internet connection.

It is very necessary to include your network connected printers and copiers in your security plans. As a matter of urgency, you must adopt useful print solutions and copier solutions that can help secure your sensitive documents.