Do You Know What Is Stored In Your Copier’s Hard Drive?

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Virtually all offices in Florida make use of copier solutions, print solutions, or both but no one really cares to know what is in the hard drive of these devices. In fact, most people are not aware that they even have a hard drive. The truth is, you can only make the best use of your copier and print solutions if you know what is stored in their hard drive.


Sophisticated Print Solutions Hold a Large Amount of Data

According to a reliable report, modern multi-functional copier solutions can store a large amount of data in their hard drive. In fact, some copiers can store up to 25,000 documents in their hard drive. This is why they operate faster.

However, there are two sides to a coin. Being able to store up to 25,000 documents means you can create copies of document without taking the hard copy to the machine as long as it is already in the memory of the machine.

This also means that if a criminal gets hold of the hard drive of your copier, he can retrieve a lot of information from your hard drive. So, may be you will need to purge the hard drive regularly or restrict access to it. When your multi-function print device reaches its end-of-life, you need to remove the hard drive and destroy it separately or keep it in a safe place in your office. In addition, you could also have the device distributor purge the hard drive.

The Hard Drive Stores Operating System Information

Just like in a computer, your print device is being controlled by an operating system. Part of the information on the operating system is stored on the hard drive. So, if you mistakenly format the hard drive of your copier, it may no longer function properly.

It Stores Records of Your Address Books

The hard drive also has the capacity to store records of all your address books and the access to every document on it. So, if it can store up to 25,000 documents, it will also store information on how to access all the documents.

It’s a Copy of All The Jobs Done On It

Whether you print a document, send a fax, scan a document, or send a document to an email address, your MFP creates a copy of all the documents until they are deleted. However, it is possible to disable the function to prevent your machine from keeping every document by default.

Unfortunately, it is possible for hackers to access all the information on the hard drive of your copier while it is still being used in your organization. This is why you need to discuss it with your print solution provider to adopt all necessary security facilities and update all of them regularly