Digital Transformation Is Here: Get With It Or Get Left Behind!


Office productivity in South Florida is often affected by the copier solutions and print solutions that are used. Enterprises are now printing and copying more often than ever before. This puts the need for top notch copier solutions and print solutions into much sharper focus.

Multi function printers and copiers are now being relied upon more than ever before. Digital transformation is a crucial aspect of the current landscape. It is time for businesses to recognize the importance of investing in automation. Automation improves workflows and also allows West Palm Beach companies to invest less in their IT departments.

Those who act quickly will have a major leg up on their competitors. Paper removal is a great way to streamline a company. There are “barriers” to the adoption of digital transformation. However, those who take the time to read on are going to discover that they are not barriers at all…..

  1. Costs Are Not Onerous

Digital transformation is often associated with higher costs. In fact, the reverse is true. Those who make the switch to an automated office are able to recoup their investment within 18 months. The return on investment is massive. In fact, the ROI can reach over 400 percent over the course of the next five years. Those who do not invest in document management are actually losing money!

  1. Lower Training Budgets

Document management systems that are established by offices that embrace digital transformation reduce a wide range of costs. For starters, a company that was once forced to spend big to train new users can now spend this money elsewhere. The company will still need to budget the proper amount for training purposes but costs are sure to decrease.

  1. Increased Security

Of course, security concerns have to be addressed in advance by any Florida company that is worth their salt. Fortunately, document management offers a greater level of security than ever before. Keeping documents on paper actually increases the risk of a security breach going forward. This is something for forward thinking businesses to keep in mind.

  1. Shorter Implementation Periods

Companies that do not have the time and energy to spend on long implementation processes will often choose document management solutions. The shorter implementation periods allow a business to focus their attentions on other key points of emphasis. Complex solutions, on the other hand? They can take days (if not weeks) to implement.

Now that companies of all backgrounds have woken up to the myriad of benefits that digital transformation has to offer, South Florida businesses must take a certain level of initiative. Overcoming waste has never been more crucial. Don’t make the mistake of getting left behind during the digital transformation age!