Cutting Costs For Print Solutions

Most times, printing may incur much expense than ever imagined considering the total number of documents being printed on a daily basis. Printing a particular document that consists of two or more pages doesn’t seem like it is going to have a huge impact on the overall printing cost. But when you take a concise estimation of the price per printed page, you will conclude that it is between four cents and nine cents.

Particularly in a setting where very many pages of documents are printed on a daily basis, the cost accumulates quickly. Printing documents that wouldn’t need to be filed in a hard copy form will only multiply the cost. Say, for instance, if a user is printing 600 sheets every week, not giving cognizance to the cost of ink that is being used. This could accumulate to something alarming every year. This article offers ways to cut the costs of print solutions.

How Business Can Minimize Their Copier Solutions Cost

Invest in printers that use high yield toners or inks, for example.

When it is not necessary, do not use color ink, by printing in black and white or grayscale you will reduce the wastage of color inks.

Make use of draft mode: to be frank; not all documents need to be printed in best quality, as high-quality prints use more ink. Unless you need a quality and a top notch output, just stick to the low-quality draft mode as the default setting.

Make users, to become more cautious of every work they print, printing only the essential documents will go a long way in conserving both ink and paper.

From the system setting, configure the printer to print on both sides of the paper. This will help in cutting down the use of paper. Some of these printers will require you to turn your paper manually, while others will not support this at all. Endeavor to buy printers with all these features inbuilt.

Try saving documents as PDFs that are easy to search and archive. This document can always be printed when the action is relevant.

Change the font of a document to reduce ink usage. For example, writing on Franklin Gothic book will consume lesser ink than Ariel black. Although Ariel Black is now an industrial standard, using gothic book or century gothic for typing all documents you print will slash down the cost of printing.

For black and white documents, try using a laser printer. It’s faster and cost less compared to an inkjet, which is most suited for photos.

Use print preview and shrink to fit. It is an excellent way to scrutinize everything you are printing and consider if you want it at all. ‘Shrink to print’ helps you reduce the final printing sheets by two or more pages.

Bottom Line

It is OK to conclude that, the secret to saving money for your print solutions is to ‘just don’t print,’ except when necessary. Encourage others to be mindful and responsible for printing; this could be the best copier solution so far.