4 Critical M-Files Mobile Workflow Solutions Benefits


There is always a need for greater efficiency in the workplace. Businesses are always on the lookout for newer processes, tools, copier solutions, print solutions, and innovations that can help them do more at a lesser time, lesser energy or lesser cost.

Businesses in Florida, South Florida, and West Palm Beach that have embraced process automation and enabled document management system can be said to be on the right track towards achieving efficiencies. The implication of this adoption is that it helps to take away the slow-downs that comes with paper-processes, print solutions, and desktop file storage, replacing them with something more efficient.

File Manager:Copier & Print Solutions

But aside from the document management system and process automation, there is yet another thing your business needs to make it truly agile. This can, and would, take your productivity improvement to a whole new level. It is called the M-Files Mobile workflow solutions (https://www.m-files.com/en/tour). Below are four critical benefits of M-files mobile workflow solutions;

1. Increased visibility:

For the smooth flow of a project and its eventual success, it is important that project administrators and managers be abreast of what is going on with core projects. But walking across the corridor or strolling down the hall to check on the status of a project is no longer feasible, no thanks to freelancing and the fact that many staff members prefer to work from anywhere aside from the office. This is where Mobile workflow solutions such as M-files Mobile Access comes into the picture. This gives project managers great insights into their projects, allowing them to supply immediate responses when such action is needed. And in situations when non-compliance events occur, these solutions can inform key employees to take immediate action.

2. Improved data capture:

Mobile workflow solutions allow off-site or remote employees to capture data from paper documents without having security concerns. With solutions such as scanning, copier solutions, and e-signing, processes that initially had to wait for an appearance at the office can be easily sped up.

3. Less time to project completion:

A lot of time can be wasted when employees are tied to the office, just going back and forth, meeting face-to-face and waiting for documents to print can cost a lot of time. Mobile workflow solutions allow collaboration to be a simple process. Whether they are working in the office or in the field, BYOD and off-site can team up with key players, access and print important documents, and go ahead with projects that are important to the organization.

4. Improved employee accountability:

In situations when a project is due or the attention of employees is required for a process to move a process forward, these mobile workflow solutions will allow companies to notify employees. With more improved accountability, companies can report improved productivity for employees who work out of the office.