Copier Security: Xerox Common Criteria Certification

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When it comes to running and managing a business, one of the most common issues faced is security. Security has been a major issue, and it is always going to be. When thinking about the security plan of managed-print-services-copier-sales-and-rentalsyour business, do not make the mistake of ignoring your copier system. The security of your copiers as well as your printers is very important and should not be overlooked.

If you are considering getting new copier solutions or print solutions and you seriously want them to be secured, then you should consider investigating the Xerox AltaLink devices can suit your business needs. The small workgroup copiers’ product lineup of Xerox AltaLink is known for their high level of security. The NIAP (National Information Assurance Partnership) have shown that AltaLink devices follow the security standards of Common Criteria information.

What Is Common Criteria Certification?

Common Criteria is a framework by which users of computer systems can specify their security assurance requirements (SARs) and security functional requirements (SFRs) by using PPs (Protection Profiles), vendors can then make claims or/and implement their products’ security attributes, and laboratories that test products will evaluate the products to determine if the products are up to standard and meet the claims.

In other words, Common Criteria gives the assurance that the process of evaluation, implementation, and specification of the security product of a computer has been carried out in a standard, repeatable, and rigorous manner at a level that is corresponding with the environment that the system will be used.

Also, hardcopy devices such as multifunction printers and copiers are included in computer systems. It is an international security standard. The National Information Assurance Partnership is responsible for the implementation of the Common Criteria in most states including Florida, South Florida, and West Palm Beach.

These products have been rigorously and independently verified and tested, and they have been confirmed to be up to security standards and meet all their claims. When it comes to AltaLink Product lineups, security is assured.

Your business needs the security it deserves, and anything that gives your business an upper hand in securely managing its documents and information is a good thing. It is something worth investing your time and money in.

The ConnectKey-enabled devices of Xerox are one of the best when it comes to providing protection from external and internal cyber threats and addressing endpoint security. Xerox has four distinct approaches to the security of ConnectKey- technology enabled devices that include:

  • Data and document protection
  • Device protection
  • External partnership
  • Intrusion protection

So in order to make sure that your business is secured, you need to make sure your print solutions, and copier solutions are also secured. This will go as far as protecting and securing every information and document of your business.