How Long Is A Copier Supposed To Last?

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When it comes to copier solutions and office copier support, there are a number of questions that are often asked. “How long is my copier supposed to last?” is chief among those questions. Office copier support is all about finding ways to maximize the life of the copier.


But what happens when no one is truly aware of how long the copier is supposed to last? Spending thousands on equipment that is only going to break down in not wise. Any sane business will want to make sure that they are maximizing the return on this investment. As for an answer to the aforementioned question? It will depend.

The Two Filters To Examine For Copier Solutions

1. How much is the device supposed to be used, as opposed to the actual volume at which it is used?

2. Is the copier still useful to the business?

So what causes a copier to die out before it is actually time? There are a few factors that need to be examined more closely….

How Often Is The Device Being Used?

The answer to this question is a simple one: is the copier being run at a maximum capacity? Each copier is rated for a specific duty cycle each month. The businesses that exceed it are placing themselves in a very difficult position and will have to replace their copiers far more often than businesses that do not have the same concerns.

What About Maintenance?

Think of the copier like a car. In order to get the absolute most out of a car, regular maintenance is needed. The worn parts need to be changed out regularly and when the copier is treated properly, it will return the favor by performing at peak capacity.

By taking the time to follow maintenance instructions, the copier is going last much longer. Refurbished copiers are always going to fall under the same category. While they do not last as long as a brand new copier, the upfront costs and maintenance allows them to last for several years.

The Role of a Technician

According to the average salesperson, a copier is supposed to last anywhere between three to five years. The technician essentially functions as the mechanic when this purchase is made, making sure that the buyer is able to get the most out of their product. As long as the proper parts remain available, preventive maintenance lets a business enjoy the longest possible copier life.

Like any major investment, it is important for a business to remain as open minded as possible. Technicians and regular maintenance can help. Be sure to ask the copier partner about any aftermarket wholesale programs and recycling programs that are available. If the copier needs to be disposed, take the time to consult with proper environmental authorities as well.