Why AP Automation And Invoice Processing Are A Necessity



Managed Print Services: AP Automation

Don’t you think it is about time your company switched to accounts payable automation and invoice processing? Do you know how much time and resources you are wasting through your manual processes? Well, if you think your company is not ready for the shift yet, here are good reasons to have a second thought.

Waste of time and resources

Taking AP documents from one department to another takes a whole lot of time. In fact, it can get lost in the process. It could be misfiled or completely lost. It could be duplicated. You may have created another copy of the same invoice before you find the original one that you thought was lost.

Even a soft copy could be forgotten in someone’s inbox. Do you remember Murphy’s Law? What can go wrong will go wrong. Manual processes give ample rooms for things to go wrong. All these will be cut off with AP automation and invoice processing.

Less use of print solutions

With automation, there will be less use of copier and print solutions since there will be less use of papers. And if there is less use of copier and print solutions. It is pretty straightforward. When there is less use of paper, copier solutions will be of no use as only paper documents can be photocopied.

It does not end there. You will spend less on paper and toner for your printer and copier and you will also service the devices less often. Imagine how much you will save by cutting down the use of paper and toner drastically over a period of 2 to 5 years.

It boosts efficiency and productivity

When you automate your processes, you will save your employees the pain of doing the same things over and over again. Your turnaround time will be improved and the time saved will be put to other uses. So, AP automation and invoice processing promotes efficiency.

It leads to accuracy

In manual data entry, human errors are inevitable. While some errors may have little or no effect, other errors could lead to a chain of unpleasant issues and this could generate negative reaction from your customers. Do you know that errors could lead to duplicate payment ?

AP automation and invoice processing helps to prevent such errors completely. This is the major reason several companies in West Palm Beach, South Florida, and other parts of Florida are ditching manual accounts payable processes.

Slow troubleshooting

When anything goes wrong in any manual process, there is little or nothing you can do until the document gets to your table. Similarly, there is nothing any other employee can do until the document gets to them.

On the other hand, in an automated process, everyone can have access to the same document at the same time. It will be easier and faster to figure out the root of any problem.


You need to understand that the reasons given above are just some of the reasons to consider automating your accounts payable. There are still many other reasons.