Copier Features


Offices and businesses can’t run without copiers. Even after the modern demand for paperless work, copiers are still in the market because of how much the facilitate our daily work activity. They offer a variety of features and uses that help in improving the work efficiencies and eliminating the work flaws. However, the modern touch has also been introduced in the copiers. There are multiple features and functions that a copier gives apart from ‘’just’ copying.

Let’s have a look at some uses of copiers and how to use them.


Starting from copying, it’s the foremost function of a copier. Mostly, the copiers use laser technology to transfer the toner onto the paper. Copiers can be full of the colored device and can be monochromatic as well. Choosing copier depends on the type of work that you or your company does. The usage of the color or mono copier is the same. In the colored one, you have to choose the color preference additionally.


Many copiers now come with the scanners. Modern copiers now have OCR embedded in them. That means you can easily scan your documents from the copier to your email address. You can also set your email address as the shortcut button so that you can easily transfer the scanned documents to your email address without the hassle. Scans can be of high resolution or monochromatic both.


As the technology evolves rapidly, the copiers now come with a feature of printing as well. Many copiers have USB or SD card ports that enable the clients to print their documents. Also, there are features of mobile printing available in modern copiers. Many printers now have a feature of duplexing as well. This enables the users to print on both sides of the paper. It helps in reducing paper usage.


Copiers also come with a faxing option. It is basically designed for reducing the number of machines in the business world. Multiple tasks can be operated on a single machine and that includes faxing as well. Select the option and easily fax your documents with a copier.

Enlargement or Shrinking

Copiers have the option of enlarging or reducing the size of your documents. This feature enables the clients and users to make their documents or reports the ideal size. It comes as a standard with the new photocopiers. It is a useful feature and function for many businesses and offices.


Many business meetings have a large pile of hand-outs. It would take ages to separate them manually. For making it easier for the clients, copiers now have a function of collating. It slightly shifts each bundle so you can easily identify where one copy ends and the new begins. It’s very important in the corporate business world and even in schools and classrooms.

Staple/Hole Punch

It’s one of the added or finishing feature that helps in reducing the manual tasks. You can add a hole or staple punch unit where you can produce high-quality bundles with the staples and holes already. Why it’s important? It saves time and also ensures that the staples and punches are in the same place. There are numerous options or choices as it depends on the model or brand you or your company uses. All this is just a click away.

The correct usage of functions and features that the modern-day copier holds is very important as it will save your time and enables you to produce high-quality result from a ‘copier’.