Copier Drifts To Look Out For In 2020

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Analyzing the entire printing and copying industry from the view of a bird’s eye, we can assert that the long-term trends that had persisted in its domains for so long have gradually started to reform. The reasons for these alterations can be attributed to technological innovations, change in service and product scopes and offerings, and lastly, contemporary pricing prototypes that inevitably influence the policies of buying and spending.

Speaking of copiers and its utilities, we cannot completely deny the fact that digitization has indeed redirected the tip of the pointer towards itself but, let us not forget that hard copies and printed documents still happen to be valuable contrivances for all businesses alike. More than anything else, physical documents are characterized by the virtues of convenience and effectiveness, something that their digital counterparts can never be at par with. In the following section, we will be jotting down some of the most crucial copier drifts that you should look out for in 2020 and delineate ways to capitalize on them to increase the productivity of your business.

  • Strapping security

As far as safeguarding cybersecurity is concerned, a company cannot afford to leave any room for compromise. From the leading e-commerce sites of the world to the smallest of businesses, all of them diligently subscribe to the necessary data security measures because it literally takes just one click on the hacker’s part to tamper valuable data, and therefore, printing networks, printers, and copiers are no exception. Research shows that 44% of the printers connected in business networks across the world are not secured against unauthorized access. Additionally, 90% of the companies have accepted that they have witnessed at least one or two major security breaches caused by hard copy documents.

Thus, to be on the safer spectrum of things, avail strapping security services for your copier and printing networks so that the hard copy data security risks in your office are rendered null and void before it’s too late.

  • Managed print services

Considering the unending range of printing tech available today, we cannot steer away from acknowledging the verity that the arrangement will only become more complicated with time if there isn’t a third-party to oversee the organization’s copier and printer ecosystem to simplify everything. Instead of employing staff from your own office to look after all the complications popping up in the network, seek assistance from a professional expert.

Let go of the myth that appointing an expert or procuring a new copier as a replacement of the faulty one will cost you a lot. For the uninitiated, managed print services are capable of reducing business costs by 20-30% and reduce the office’s carbon footprints ,hence making way for a win-win situation. Statistics have made it very clear that managed print services are one of those trends that are here to stay.

  • Mobile printing or printing on the go

Well, this tendency shouldn’t take you by surprise as mobile printing is one of the most sought-after and logical services in the 21st century, fast-paced world. The copier printer can be connected with  mobile through software or linking applications within the printing zones. Reports have revealed that about 85% of the companies have shown interest in adopting mobile printing to save time and surge efficiency and accuracy.