Have You Consolidated Your Printer, Copier Fleet, Scanner?

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Print technology offers some of the best tools available in the present era for workspace efficiency. The innovative Copier Solutions available today help to speed up the job and to cut down costs. One way for businesses to achieve this is through consolidation of print technology. Instead of just having a printer, scanner, or copier at your workplace, for each function, Print Solutions like simply purchasing a multifunction printer (a device designed to perform a wide range of functions) is usually a worthwhile investment. This article talks about Print Solutions and Copier Solutions that will bring tons of benefits to your business. Below are some of the advantages consolidation of print technology:

What are The Advantages of Consolidating?

There are a number of reasons why your scanner, printer, fax and copier functions should be combined to form a single unit functioning to the benefit of your business. These advantages include:

– Saving workspace.

– Learning how to use one multi-purpose machine instead of many devices.

– Working with one company for your service and repair commitments.

– Performing multiple tasks at once (e.g., scanning while copying or sending emails when faxes are being sent and received).

– Tracking machine usage with software and other management services (makes waste management easier).

These pros highlighted above provide a clear idea of how offices can enhance workflow and save costs via consolidation.

What are The Downsides of Non-consolidated Fleets?

There are several disadvantages of having unique devices for multiple functions. These downsides are usually easily noticeable in larger organizations. However, they can still affect small businesses as well:

Challenges Caused by Multiple Vendors

Perhaps the most significant downside of having many devices is the need to depend on multiple companies for repairs and maintenance. Maintenance agreements offered by numerous vendors will quickly become time-consuming and frustrating. Meeting additional requirements, like ordering supplies further complicates things. Employees must know how to use each device. Every fax machine, printer, scanner, and copier will operate differently, and require additional time as well as attention from the employee using them.

Employee Time is Lost as well as Office Space

Inefficient use of office space and employee time always becomes a problem with multiple, single-function devices. Even though some multifunction machines may be larger, they usually save space when compared to having several devices. When individual function machines have to be placed in multiple areas throughout the office, employees will waste more time moving between different spots.

It is Difficult to Track Usage

Tracking and monitoring usage is always tricky when there is no consolidation. It is almost impossible to have a centralized way of tracking the usage of multiple individual office machines. Enterprises that track usage typically resort to tracking the usage of machines individually, which is a cumbersome and time-consuming initiative.