Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE: Is there a better option?


Canon is one of the oldest and finest companies in the world that started with a focus on producing cameras. It later ventured into business machines somewhere in the 1960s. Today, Canon company manufactures a range of business and office supplies and machines, including a wide variety of copiers, printers, scanners, fax machines, and more.

One of the most high-tech, high-quality, and reputable series launched by Canon is their imageRUNNER advance printers. This series contains several options with some similar and a few different functionalities. However, many other printers and copiers are in the market under top brand names. So, while Canon’s imageRUNNER advance printer series is top-notch, is it the best one out there?

Here is all you need to know to make the right decision for your printer needs. Keep reading.

Standout Features Of Canon imageRUNNER Advance

The advance Canon printer has an exceptional touch screen for performing operations and adding inputs to the machine. This simplifies usage and gives an interface feel of a smartphone.

You can scan documents through these printers and convert them into several digital file formats such as PDF, JPEG, and more. These scanned and converted files can be sent through multiple channels, including email. The documents can also be scanned directly to different cloud solutions such as Google Drive for easy access from anywhere, anytime.

The security features have been updated in this series to include some standard and new ones. There is a log-in feature, authentication to let only selected personnel use the machine, filtering of the IP address, erasing the hard drive to keep confidential information safe, watermark for a secure print, and several security features for an enclosed and safe experience.

The imageRUNNER advance printers also offer solutions to integrate with pre-existing business software and applications, including mobile apps, which makes introducing this new machine to the corporate environment very smooth and streamlined.

One significant feature of these printers is that they are easy to maintain. This requirement might sometimes be overlooked but is essential as some businesses might not always have in-house technical support available to manage complex setups. The Canon printer can be managed and monitored from a remote location once the setup has been completed.

The Drawbacks

Every technology has shortcomings, and Canon’s imageRUNNER advance series is no different. While it is exceptional in features and functionality, this Canon printer is not suitable for businesses with large printing needs.

The storage capacity and paper capacity are both limited, which makes it great for small and medium enterprises. In some cases, large companies might be able to use it if they have limited printing needs.

Final Verdict – Is imageRUNNER Advance The Better Option?

The imageRUNNER Advance is probably the best option for your business if you can adjust to the capacity limitations of these printers. For a big company with substantial printing demands in a short period, maybe another printer/copier option would be better.

Overall, it comes down to your business and the printing and copying needs. One thing to consider is that the imageRUNNER advance series has various options. You may be able to find at least one option that meets your business needs. Despite the shortcomings, imageRUNNER advance is a top runner as a business printer.

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